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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: Why Don`t you post IntTeresTing Games ???

2011-09-09 15:35:48
Sometimes I think ThaT I do post excess topics, but if I have some games to post, You have also. So don`t leave me alone here please )) The Match is One of The besT examples why NoT to resign if it is not sTiLL over.. Very inTeresTing FighT with loTs of Tricks&Errors by both. I played with black, 11m+2s RTC. Enjoy ;)
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1United  GoodKnightDear2011-09-09 15:38:52
How do you post a game?-

2Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-09-09 15:52:52
GoodKnightDear at first press New topic at the upper right corner of the page, then you fill in the TiTle, text body and In order to post your PGN files (the game) , you need to simply copy paste the move list ONLY! into the box you will see at the right side of the page and press button \"submit ur PGN\". Thats iT.-

3United  GoodKnightDear2011-09-09 16:01:21
This is a game I have just finished against cooljojo. He said I shouldn\'t have resigned, but it looks lost to me. I am wondering where my first mistake was. Sorry it isn\'t as interesting as your game, Mr Error. Respect to you, sir!-

4Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-09-09 16:04:24
10x for ur kind words dear, but u havent submitted PGN files, Just copy the moves and paste them here in the right box, then press *submit your PGN* and post reply please.-

5United  GoodKnightDear2011-09-09 16:16:01
Here\'s another attempt!-

6United  GoodKnightDear2011-09-09 16:17:59
It doesn\'t work, sorry, and I have to go now. .-

7United  GoodKnightDear2011-09-09 16:18:52
At least you will agree that the game looks lost!-

8Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-09-09 16:22:02
ok this is ur game with cooljojo.. I think Ur last mistake was 18.Ng3, bcoz 18.Ne3 was better.

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