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Player: United  BBQ Pope Subject: I think this is decent...

2011-09-09 21:30:22
what do you think?
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1Bouvet  cc13830257352011-09-10 00:21:12
The Pope should know; he\'s infaillible-

2United  BBQ Pope2011-09-10 00:43:28
True. Very true. Well said.-

3Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2011-09-10 01:08:28
The centralised Black queen was very powerful and controlled the game before exchanging into a won endgame.-

4China  wiggle22011-09-10 04:31:14
who was white and who was black?-

5China  aitorito2012-04-20 08:48:07
very bad game, sorry to say-

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