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Player: India  PrashantKSinha Subject: First Good Team Game

2011-09-24 18:40:10
1. e4 e5 2. d4 Bd6 3. Nf3 Qe7 4. Bc4 h6 5. O-O a6 6. Nc3 c6 7. d5 c5 8. a4 g5 9. Ne2 b6 10. c3 Bb7 11. g4 Bc7 12. b3 d6 13. Ng3 Bc8 14. h3 Nd7 15. Nf5 Qf8 16. Be3 Ndf6 17. Bd3 Bxf5 18. exf5 e4 19. Bxe4 Nxe4 20. Qd3 Nef6 21. b4 O-O-O 22. Qxa6+ Kb8 23. a5 b5 24. bxc5 Nxd5 25. Qxb5+ Kc8 26. c6 Rd7 27. Bxg5 hxg5 28. Rfe1 Re7 29. Qb7+ Kd8 30. Qa8+-
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1India  PrashantKSinha2011-09-24 18:45:56
that was really a good game

2India  PrashantKSinha2011-09-24 22:57:20
that was also a nice game

3India  PrashantKSinha2011-09-24 23:09:16
nice game

4United  cc14928133342011-09-25 11:48:06
good games -

5India  PrashantKSinha2011-09-25 13:15:32
nice game

6India  PrashantKSinha2011-09-25 18:34:05
nice short game

7India  PrashantKSinha2011-10-05 05:21:08

8India  PrashantKSinha2011-10-10 17:42:41

9Canada  cc14226285672011-10-10 20:59:00
Sorry but it\'s a terrible game full of mistakes-

10Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2011-10-11 09:59:26
PrashantKSinga, you can learn a lot by playing through such games with a strong player and paying close attention to the good and bad moves.-

11India  PrashantKSinha2011-10-11 10:07:28
yes my friend windmill its totally a game of full mistake as the chess is. but we all knows if u don commit mistakes u won be perfect. yeah sure friend Zahnarzt ur suggestion is very fruitfull for me as i am waiting for challenge. if you don mind can we play just as a friendly game so i can learn so many steps from ur experienced move. please reply me friend. thanks Prashant sinha-

12India  PrashantKSinha2012-06-30 16:16:09

13India  PrashantKSinha2012-06-30 16:17:35

14India  PrashantKSinha2012-07-03 18:19:46
i won

15India  PrashantKSinha2012-07-09 07:00:41
i won

16India  PrashantKSinha2012-09-20 06:31:29
opponent resign

17Brazil  CaldasNovas2012-09-20 10:59:31
Do you have to post all of your games here?-

18India  PrashantKSinha2012-09-21 03:40:35
Not really my friend. I have played around 50 Team Games and I just posted around 14 games only. At the beginning I have cleared my intention to post the game is just that to share my chess experience. If you have any objection please ask me clearly so that I can clear my view in front of you. So don\'t take it otherwise my friend.


Prashant Kumar Sinha

19India  PrashantKSinha2012-11-01 02:26:48
I Resign

20India  PrashantKSinha2012-11-01 02:28:35
I Resign

21India  PrashantKSinha2012-11-06 06:15:05
Opponent Resign

22India  PrashantKSinha2012-11-09 21:16:37
I Won

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