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Player: United  JPB Subject: Rants & Raves

2011-11-01 23:32:38
This is the thread you can post in to let off some steam. What grinds your gears? I would like to start by complaining about Facebook. It\'s the ultimate social novicaine. 90% of \"friends\" are people we have never met and probably have nothing in common with, then you see the number of friends and consider yourself connected. Furthermore, it\'s become (...or has it always been?) a place for the more noisy portion of society cough-highschoolgirls-cough to jabber on and on about frivilous emotions and boys and other things the rest of society could just $#1T about. In fact it practically encourages such behaviour from photogenic but otherwise soulless shallow women, and the rest of the shallow world chimes in to \"like\" their mindless nonsense. I hope I didn\'t step on any toes, but with a chess-loving crowd I should be safe :O) *steps down from soapbox*-
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2United  JPB2011-11-02 00:05:08
that\'s the spirit extopian :D-

3United  CTremayne2011-11-02 09:46:38
All reality TV. X Factor in particular - people I don\'t like, singing songs I don\'t like... badly!-

4Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2011-11-02 11:23:44
It\'s pre-courting behaviour for kids, \"Look at me, how cool I am,\" but was of little interest to adults until rock stars, politicians and the high end of business realised it could be manipulated for their own ends. Just get that band rocking JPB and you can forget it.-

5United  RiverTam2011-11-02 17:02:43
CTremayne - Thank you for voicing what I also believe. My nephew made it through the first few rounds of American Idol last year, and though I liked his part a lot, most of the show is so hard to get through. Between the talent level and the non-talent part of the show, it drags on and on and on and...-

6United  JPB2011-11-02 18:46:00
Excellent points gentlemen. And along similar lines, I hate the term \"rockstar\" and all the pre-concieved notions the general populace associates with musicians of any kind. Yes, I write and perform music. No, I\'m not Nickelback or a metal band or anything even remotely related. and I simply can\'t stand anything \"reality tv\"-

7England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-11-05 16:44:36
There cannot be another country in the world that has as many cookery programmes on their main tv channels as we have. Who are they broadcasting to ? Is there some form of food perversion I`m unaware of ? Everyone is very happy thankyou cooking the dishes that we have, we dont want hundreds of resturant chefs showing us how clever they are by cooking elabourate plates of middle/upper class trash. Let them go to your F%$£** resturaunts and keep you in business. It`s cheapskate tv along with the reality shows.-

8England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-11-05 17:37:29
I`ve just had to turn the tv over. \" come dine with me\" 5 losers who take it in turn to cook the evening meal at their house, with a twat tv commentator voicing over twatty remarks. Marks are given out of 10 for each meal by the others. Bitch city.-

9Canada  cc14226285672011-11-05 19:04:05
we get that program in Canada as well.-

10United  JPB2011-11-05 20:56:03
Here we have Hells Kitchen, in which aspiring chefs are given ingredients, a kitchen, and a cooking task then lined up and bitched at by a cocky, whiny, constipated-looking Scottsman who is always an odd reddish color, hilariously contrasted by his unkempt bleach blonde hair. I dont think I could get anything done even half ass with that weirdo breathing down my neck But at least the program showcases cooking. Some of these \"reality tv shows\" are so ridiculous and pointless, like having a bunch of mismatched people try to live together then end up getting all hood rat on eachother. Perhaps one of the lamest is Survivor. I can\'t believe an excuse for a show like that could draw so much attention here in the States. What they need to show instead is the FIDE tournament network. That, i would watch-

11England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-11-05 22:01:58
Yeah, Ramseys done quite a few including `Hells kitchen` and `The F word`, viewers just want to see him lose it completely and start throwing the saucepans about. My favourites are the Hairy Bikers. 2 leathered-up grebos from Newcastle who turn up off of their harleys and start cooking in a market place, and then take on a chef in a local hotel. Bit like L & Hardy. What is sad are those reality shows where really obese people try to dump loads of lard in the gym. I`d rather watch paint dry.-

12Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2011-11-05 23:20:53
We\'ve had most of that rubbish too. We had a show once where a film crew was admitted into the plush home of a certain lottery winning family and watched their lives over several months. They\'d show arguments between family members and as they flashed from one person to another during the argument their shirts would change So the editors were creating phony arguments by cutting from different conversations and sticking them together. Very unfair for the participants.-

13United  GoodKnightDear2011-11-06 12:16:35
I put plastic bags over shop assistants\' heads when they give me two instead of one.-

14United  JPB2011-11-15 21:35:30
some of my personal pet peaves- getting a traffic ticket on the way to court. people who use the phrase \"do you remember\" when they mean \"have you seen\", as if u watched the show or movie with them or something xD Junkies and tweakers. teenage girls. unexpected alien invasions. lost puppies. uhh I think that\'s it for now :-s-

15England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-11-26 22:17:58
Trying to force tight socks on to damp feet.-

16Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2011-11-27 00:36:12
or close fitting latex gloves onto damp hands -

17Singapore  Branz2011-11-27 03:19:55
And I suppose Chesshere hasn\'t even fixed the \\ problem whenever we typed a sign which was something I suggested years back when I was more active then.-

18Canada  cc14226285672011-11-28 18:58:47
disposable razors.You can\'t buy razor blades in Canada any more.People who won\'t move to the back of the bus.Squeezing the toothpaste in the middle of the tube.-

19United  CTremayne2011-11-28 20:06:45
Wet sleeves and crumbs in the bed.-

20United  JPB2011-11-30 23:44:02
here\'s a fresh one! i sign up to join a 5 minute tournament just now and shortly afterwards someone else of about 1550 joins in. great. then a 2153 decides to be the whale in the kiddie pool and we all scatter. Thanks for ruining what should have been an otherwise fair tournament, rating hog xD-

21United  JPB2011-12-09 19:53:05
chess-related rant. I hate when people move quickly in correspondence games that they are winning, and wait as long as possible to move in games they are loosing. It\'s all chess! Just move -

22England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-02-11 14:29:42
Trainers. Why ?
You`re not going to run about all day at work.

23England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-02-11 14:32:12
They look really smart dont they.

24Europian  cc13741628192013-02-11 14:46:29
People who say KaspArov.-

25Australia  Baggy_Gee2013-02-13 05:55:21
I detest People who lose to you, offer you a rematch and then cancel.-

26United  cc14928133342013-02-13 13:59:17
b*st*rds -

27Canada  cc14226285672013-02-15 17:02:54
team captains who time out-

28United  don_quixote2013-02-15 17:30:52
RE: play slow when losing - This used to annoy me until I realized that this is what they want. Sometimes they even will go on a long \"vacation\". Bottom line, it means they know they are lost and desparate men do desparate things. They are hoping I will die of old age or get run over by a bus. But, rules are rules so I suppose we will have to put up with it. It would help if we could trigger a longer string of conditional moves and as many variations as needed so we don\'t need to remember what we were planning.-

29Canada  cc14226285672013-02-15 18:25:36
I think everybody despises these people.The end result is all that matters though.As long as you end up winning,their feeble efforts are all in vain.-

30Australia  Baggy_Gee2013-02-15 22:46:58
I don\'t really despise them, i have 2 current games where the opponent is soundly beaten in one and possibly on the ropes in the other. But since he is taking 90-95% of the time limit I find that a nice admission that I have the upper hand.-

31United  JPB2013-02-27 20:13:05
I hate \"talkers\". It comes in all forms, people who are convinced (and try to convince you) they can beat you at chess or in a fight without even knowing where your skill level is. But, as it usually turns out, if you actually get them to put their money where their mouth is, they fail miserably and the talking subsides.-

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