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Player: United  JPB Subject: Rants & Raves

2011-11-01 23:32:38
This is the thread you can post in to let off some steam. What grinds your gears? I would like to start by complaining about Facebook. It\'s the ultimate social novicaine. 90% of \"friends\" are people we have never met and probably have nothing in common with, then you see the number of friends and consider yourself connected. Furthermore, it\'s become (...or has it always been?) a place for the more noisy portion of society cough-highschoolgirls-cough to jabber on and on about frivilous emotions and boys and other things the rest of society could just $#1T about. In fact it practically encourages such behaviour from photogenic but otherwise soulless shallow women, and the rest of the shallow world chimes in to \"like\" their mindless nonsense. I hope I didn\'t step on any toes, but with a chess-loving crowd I should be safe :O) *steps down from soapbox*
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