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Player: Sweden  mattafort Subject: Quick e4d5 - Scandinavian Open for all

2006-08-16 05:57:33

If you are interested in testing Scandinavian Defense,
you can now Join tournament:
Quick e4d5

- Open for all ratings
- 2 days per move

Start position:
1. e4 d5

( from Scandinavian country of Sweden )

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1Sweden  mattafort2006-08-16 18:42:06

but while I was sleeping some hours
Players joined my 'Quick e4d5' tournament.

So now this tournament is full with 6 players.
As told, we play Scandinavian Defence.
1. e4 d5

this defence is not too bad
i have won many games with it, and lost some too

you may join a future tournament
this time, chance is gone, my friend

mattafort - tournament organizer
from Sweden, Scandinavia!

2Sweden  mattafort2006-08-16 20:04:58

Took me ~12 hours to get 6 players Join
Less than half a day!

And people send message to me, asking how they can Join???
I have to tell it is too late,
'Maybe next time, friend. But you can start same tournament,
your own thematic Scandinavian.'

You have to be quick next time .... TO JOIN.
Because a mattafort tournament is always something INTERESTING
and also make it easy to JOIN for normal players.

regards to all

3Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-17 13:23:23
12 minutes to get 6 normal players :-)

Why you do not be quick to join one of my tournaments,
because my tournaments have no normal players?

4Sweden  mattafort2006-08-17 15:10:38
< 12 HOURS to get 6 players:
My Settings:

Number of Players: 6
Days per move: 2
Minimum allowed rating: No limit
Maximum allowed rating: No limit
Thematic: B01 Scandinavian
Approve players requests to join this tournament: Automatically


try it!
it might work for you, too
but you cant be sure, because you are not mattafort

as I told you,
there are players that wanted to play Scandinavian
but were too late to join my tournament.
I guess there is enough interest to fill

another Scandinavian thematic

1. e4 d5


5Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-17 15:43:01
mattafort more popular,i know.
but minimum no limit impossible,at least 1801.


6Sweden  mattafort2006-08-17 16:01:31
I had set
No limit - No limit

But as I, the organizer, is rather high rated (1935)
and the first person they see when join
this will make many lowrated a bit afraid to join.
We are these, in my 'open for all' tournament:
mattafort (1935)
Makmak (1821)
Nightwish (1729)
Grazic66 (1563)
Intelligent (1495)
Szandra (1493)

I know that both Szandra and Intelligent are better than their rating.
Maybe 1600-1700.

All and all it is good little collection of players,
and of course, by my stats, I SHOULD HAVE TO WIN.
I will try my best.

There are a lot of different variations and possible moves
very early in the Scandinavian 1.e4 d5
And in a thematic, it is easy to mix up games with another and get confused.

7International  Szandra2006-08-18 07:21:38
I can beat you and defeat all , if I want .


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