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Player: India  BlueScorpion Subject: Technology

2011-11-29 11:54:18
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1Gibraltar  a@#$s2011-11-30 11:12:07
You don\'t have time to be frightened for too long. It\'s too strange.

2United  JPB2011-11-30 21:59:36
were they down in that trench the entire movie, then got out during the final 5 minutes and were pulverized without doing any damage to the competition? that pretty much sums up my day today xD-

3United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-09-25 00:02:51
We live in an Electric Universe!

Since I bought their video they have been sending me all kinds of cool stuff about why the latest theorys of the universe are not possible!

Check this new knowledge out for free yourself. Here is the link:


4United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-09-30 07:04:41
Update as of 9-28-13

Enjoy! :)

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