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Player: South  Killer Bee Subject: Averbakh Tournament

2006-08-21 11:07:04
Hello everyone,

I've just started an Averbakh tournament, 6 players, 7 days per move, 1751 and up.

I love playing the Averbakh as black, but don't play d4 as white so I never get to play against it. But to truly understand an opening, you have to play both sides, so I'm looking forward to looking at things from the white perspective.

I hope 7 days isn't too long, but I'm busy and need it myself, although I could handle 5 days. If anyone's interested in a 5-day tournament, please let me know.

Looking forward to interesting games with everyone!

Killer Bee.

P.S. No forced draws in the 4...Nc6 line please! :)
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1South  Killer Bee2006-08-21 14:20:56
Hello again everyone,

if you join my tournament, please don't play 4...Nf6 ; that makes it a King's Indian, similar but quite different to the Averbakh where the development of the g8 knight is delayed.

The main-line Averbakh starts with 4...Nc6, but 4...Nd7 is perfectly okay, and 4...e5 is playable and 4...f5 is okay for fun. 4...c6 is also a possibility too. Sure, many Averbakh games transpose into the King's Indian, but lat's make that transpostion later rather than sooner!

So. PLEASE NO 4...NF6! Thanks!

2South  Killer Bee2006-08-27 11:38:40
Hello again,

Can anyone help please?

None of my opponents are playing the Modern Averbakh in my tournament, everyone is playing 4..Nf6 King's Indians! It's not their fault, it's easy to miss my posts before joining, but after they play Nf6 it can't be taken back and I'm stuck playing a King's Indian Tournament!

Is there anyway of continuing the games that are already started but not allowing any more, or making join requests manual and not automatic so I can tell people its not a KID tournament before they start? :)

Thanks for any help!

3Europian  pierre2006-08-27 13:56:50
Hello Killer Bee, I understand your problem fully.

The only solution for the future is to ask Khaled to include your complete Averbakh line to the lines' collection.



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