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Player: Netherlands  BoldBeauty Subject: Most spectacular short game.

2012-03-15 04:07:32
The most amazing short chess game I\'ve ever seen was a mate in 2 after move 9 between two respected GM\'s(!) in the 70\'ies. It\'s short, plz grab a board, it\'s worth it!! 1 e4 c6 2 d4 d5 3 Nc3 dxe4 4 Nxe4 Nf6 5 Qd3 e5 6 dxe5 Da5 check 7 Bd2 Qxe5 8 0-0-0 Nxe4? black, feeling well about his position offered a draw and took a walk to check other matches. When he came back he was stunned: 9 Qd8 Check!! black resigns, either 10 Rd8 mate or 10 Bd8 mate. Amazing miniature!-
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21Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-17 00:54:36
Nu is het echt genoeg. Nu maak ik me ook belachelijk maar het is erg vermakelijk, sorry Nederlanders, ik ben nu eenmaal een kletskous die zich niet laat neersabelen door een rare.-

22Canada  cc14226285672012-03-17 00:56:07
I congratulate you on your winning streak over all them 1200 rated players.I know you will make it to 2000 soon.It will be good for our team.-

23International  q-_-p2012-03-17 01:05:51
Do you speak German and Dutch, BoldBeauty or are you using a translation engine like Google Translate as I am doing-

24Canada  cc14226285672012-03-17 01:10:28
Hard to tell what he/she is using.He/she changes her/his mind often-

25Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-17 01:10:55
haha google translation, how long have you been friends? At least you back him up. Bey bey daag guten Tag bon jour have a nice day Bon Dia. Ajax Johan Cruyff, Marco van Basten, Wesley Sneyder, holadijeee Have fun everyone, it\'s friday so why not.-

26Canada  cc14226285672012-03-17 01:21:09
ummm hup Holland hup?-

27International  q-_-p2012-03-17 01:31:25
<(-_-)> I am not backing anyone up; I was just asking a question. <(-_-)>-

28Canada  cc14226285672012-03-17 01:36:37
BoldBeauty is a little confused.He thinks Reti and Tartakower lived long enough to see the Beatles-

29Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-17 03:40:14
You saw the Beatles? Was that you jumping into the water when they were in Holland, are you an old hippy smoking weed? That explains a lot-

30Canada  cc14226285672012-03-17 13:20:24
In Holland,everyone smokes weed.It\'s legalI am an old hippy.Never saw the Beatles live but saw the Stones in 1966.A picture of my ticket can be found at my account.-

31Canada  cc14226285672012-03-17 13:27:26

32Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-17 14:19:54
Wonderful song Windmill. The Stones in 1966? I saw on television the audience coming on stage in The Hague in Holland in the 60\'ies. Some of the music of the Stones I like. They still play, unbelievable. Nice you are a hippy Windmill.-

33Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-17 14:23:09
Yes I smoked weed too, everybody has done it here, but I got ill from it and never did it again. Now we have a right wing government who wants stricter laws about soft drugs, I think that\'s bad because criminals take it over.-

34International  q-_-p2012-03-17 14:53:03
<(-_-)> - The drug that has and is causing the most havoc is alcohol, not pot; the reason being that it\'s more prevalent. Furthermore, alcohol makes people more violent then when on soft drugs. - Beware of self righteous right wing governemnts. They are the worst hypocrites. <(-_-)>-

35Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-17 17:15:31
You are absolutely right on both issues! Alcohol is addictive and very bad for the health. People who cannot drink socially drink themselves into a sad life and even as you say people who think they drink normal become aggressive and violent. I don\'t like men drinking a lot of alcohol,they fight eachother and become very touchy with a bad breath. About our government I find very sad. All things Holland is known about, all the things politicians as Drees have fought for are being turned back. Above that we have the problem of the dangerous Muslim hater Geert Wilders. I hope next elections people think before they vote a little more!-

36Europian  cc13741628192012-03-17 18:22:14
That certainly was a spectacular short game. Don\'t know if I can take much more excitement.-

37Netherlands  BoldBeauty2012-03-18 00:14:18
If I print it out I have my own chess book. I\'ll have to pay a lot of royalties though-

38United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-11-18 15:23:17

Thank you for sharing that game with us.
Next time yu would like to sahare a game please copy the moves in the right hand box and the game will be created so that everyone can actually see it.


39Netherlands  Datwinnik2012-11-24 20:28:21
its move 10 B g5 thats wins!-

40Netherlands  Datwinnik2012-11-24 20:29:24
The game remind me of some Reti,s short games-

41United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-11-25 00:49:57
Well, I disagree! Black has to resign after
9.Qd8+!! because of the move 10. Bg5 double check! followed by checkmate.

As a chess writer the winning move causing Black to resign is 9.Qd8+!! because of the follow-up of 10. Bg5+

When you have a forced mated in 3 moves you write the winning move as the first move that leads to the forced mate in 3 moves.


42India  PrashantKSinha2013-02-24 22:35:24
Well I disagree. Please tell me actually I didn\'t found any checkmate there. Rather I found will win.

Prashant Kumar Sinha

43India  PrashantKSinha2013-02-24 22:35:56
sorry I mean Black will win-

44India  PrashantKSinha2013-02-24 22:38:12
Ohh again sorry Now i got. I should apologize its Bd8#-

45India  saral932013-02-25 08:11:34
nice game. How could a black player GM would be so careless !!!!-

46India  PrashantKSinha2013-02-26 00:09:58
watch this. Game between Alexander Alekhine vs Oscar Tenner. Cologne Germany (analysis) 1911 · King\'s Gambit: Declined. Classical Variation (C30) · 1-0

Prashant Kumar Sinha

47India  PrashantKSinha2013-02-27 11:17:47

Hey friend watch out this

Prashant Kumar Sinha

48United  cc14928133342013-02-27 13:13:07
play and learn -

49India  saral932013-02-27 16:21:23
fancy games-

50India  saral932013-02-27 16:59:30
i read the whole conversation and started laughing. Ohh.. Boldbeauty how sweet you are ! You blame windmill that he is jealous by your victory streak. Oh god. Hahaha....-

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