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Player: International  URTV666 Subject: Another Big Qeustion!

2006-08-25 14:51:24
What is the meaning of death

Reply of any kind is welcomed.
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1International  lamaChessHere Gold Member2006-08-25 15:08:30
death is a point in time when your brain stop work.
your body will become cold, they will put you in a grave, you will melt with soil

your soul: is not there when your brain dies. NOT THERE means NOT EXISTANT

2Germany  Nightwish2006-08-25 22:07:25
death is stopping of the coordinated biochemical activities in a living organism.-

3Sweden  mattafort2006-08-25 22:57:02
death of individual of lifeform
gives a chance for transformation, regrouping of material
that can be used by new individuals

for life to go to exsist, while death thee has to be new birth
this give a chance to new combinations of genes
that give new chances to survive
if physical environment should change

so death of individuals in a periodical cycle
gives spieces a means of adopting better to environmental changes
envinronment here including the changes in other lifeforms in surrounding

rebirth = better chance for life and for single spieces to survive on a planet
and not to die out

It is a lot of Darwin in it
when it comes down to th core

mattafort - the deep and realistic thinker

4Singapore  Branz2006-08-26 02:41:37
death means pple are 'reborn' in the spirritual world. -

5Portugal  viriol2006-08-26 21:21:31
One dies when one is forgotten. As long as you are remembered for what you did you'll be alive.-

6United  rstanley2006-08-27 01:26:44
Death is when you get to stop paying taxes.-

7Romania  stendhar2006-08-27 09:08:11
No true. In some countries with the inheretance tax, you could say that you're a tax payer even in death.
The meaning of death is to give back that which you have borrowed so that nature puts them to another use.

8Argentina  MAXIMAAFJP2006-08-31 02:41:49
death is the last checkmate-

9Romania  Myloo2006-09-07 06:43:53
this is not a question!! This is the human ideal!!-

10Saudi  UnForGiven2006-09-09 03:39:13

11United  JMNitsua2006-09-13 02:22:15
Death is the point at which you cease to exist as a functional biological entity. When your brain no longer functions you are defacto Dead. Even If your body still lives. You are dead. Your brain is the essence of you.-

12Portugal  viriol2006-09-13 09:55:54
JMNitsua: I diagree with you. It's not correct saying that you will die just as your brain stops. That's too materialist. That's - I'd say - unbeautiful! You are everything you have or do, not only a part of it. Your body may even be death but you'll still be alive. When in every place you've been people forget you, then you'll be death. Brain is not the essence of you - it's a part only. Thought, memory and identity are the essence of everything!

"E aqueles que por obras valerosas
Se vão da Lei da Morte libertando:
Cantando espalharei por toda a parte
Se a tanto me ajudar o engenho e a arte!"

"And those that, throught valuable things
Are getting of the law of death rid:
Singing I'll spread everywhere
If so helps me engine and art!"

In "Os Lusíadas" of Camões (2nd stance of the first "sing")

13United  cc12380179282006-09-14 05:39:30
It is the beginning of life-

14Singapore  Branz2006-09-19 13:20:43
Hmmm.... Interesting. WHy would you say death= beginning of life, George?-

15United  Ray Duque 32006-09-19 17:56:32
Death means everything stop, FULL STOP!

Ray Duque III

16Germany  generals0072006-09-21 16:36:33
no i don't believe in anything but science aspects of it and so death for me really is when your brain stops to work.

there is also another aspect of it that i always wanted to ask: what do you think happens if you "fall to sleep forever" meaning you lie down in bed go to sleep and your wife/husband finds you are dead the next morning, kind of the death everyone wishes to have, the death people think is the one where you don't feel anything. nothing scary. but what happens. the heart stops. they say you're dead. no you aren't. your brain still works. for 3 minutes minimum, till you dont have enough oxygen anymore in your brain cells. but isn't that rather painful? i mean there's no real difference between suffocating/drowning and a heart attack where your blood stops pumping right? your brain will still die off of the lack of oxygen just the same. am i right? or do i not know something that you guys do. let me know.
I'm only 17 so gimme a chance ;)

17Jamaica  efc2006-09-22 08:45:09
What is the meaning of death ???

I think the answer is simple, death is not even
anything to fear, it is to enter a sleep sleep
sleep never to wake up'


18United  Ishmael2006-09-22 11:44:11
I read an article recently about people who were medically classified as braindead, or in a Persistent Vegetative State being revived after being given a certain type of sleeping pill.
Perhaps death will turn out to be not so permanent after all.,,1870286,00.html

19United  JMNitsua2006-09-27 16:16:43
Viriol Your Idea of Death is nonsense. You have substituted others memory of your life as being you or the essence of you. when your brain function stops you are in fact dead.Lets not over complicate the process. Dead is dead.However unbeautiful it might be.-

20United  JMNitsua2006-09-28 16:37:56
Ishmael I think that if you come back from the dead You were never really Dead to begin with.Perhaps almost dead would be a better term or at deaths door.-

21United  1machine2006-09-28 18:45:05
The question asked was "What is the meaning of death?", not "What is death?" It seems to me that URTV666 is asking for a purpose behind it, not a definition, but everyone besides mattafort has simply been defining it, while apparently assuming that it has no meaning. This is a foolish and naive viewpoint, even if one does not believe in the hereafter.
So, based solely on a materialistic view, death may be defined as the ceasing of an organism's direct action and influence upon the physical universe.
And as to the purpose thereof? In many cases, (those of most animals and plants, as well as some people) the purpose of death is simply as Mattafort described it. However, humans, as rational and emotional creatures can also give each death a purpose and meaning all its own.
Also, death is checkmate.

22United  JMNitsua2006-09-30 22:13:47
The purpose of death is to make room for new carbon units. hahahah-

23International  Szandra2006-10-01 03:03:35

24India  harry potter2006-10-02 09:21:40
u r not loved by anyone......u r dead.-

25United  Joedapro2006-10-10 01:22:41
What is the meaning of death? To me, it is the reason we live (as humans). I am not certain that we were created with intentions (from God) to live forever. If this were so, then, also, is states in the bible that he is the beginning and the end. Therefore, we were at one time Godly, ourselves. Then, once the being Adam came to Earth, the temptation was too strong. The other Godly beings that has not come yet said that he must die and erase the sin. That's the only way death logically makes sense (again, in my humble opinion).-

26International  URTV6662006-10-10 11:29:48

My purpose of creating this topic is like ...uhmm this one!!!

The Big Question!! by timeloard

be warned that it might cause you stomach ache.

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