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Player: United  fireknight_07 Subject: Swindle !

2012-04-06 19:35:31
I played B. The whole game is controlled by W. W would have had a win had he played 33. Bg5 instead of Qg5. Seems like my opponent did not notice that anyway. However, does Ne4 bring a forced draw for B? In the actual game, I was very lucky that W played Qh6 and got mated, LOL.
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1United  Cygni2012-04-10 15:16:20
Fireknight, you were very fortunate. By Move 27, the game was strategically over at that point. However, your opponent did not play correctly, he should have consolidated whatever advantages he had and you\'d never have stood a chance. However, he started looking around for a mate that wasn\'t immediately available and not only threw away a win, but actually lost, from there...28.Qf4 Bf7 29.Qe5 Be8 30.Bb1 Nc5 31.Rf1 Re8 32.Qe2!and from here, white either delivers mate via a2-h7 diagonal, or black moves the g7 pawn and gets mated along a1-h8 diagonal. white didn\'t have a forced mate, tried to force one in, and lost. good game for black.

2United  Cygni2012-04-10 15:17:23
move 31 is Rd1, not Rf1-

3Europian  cc13741628192012-04-10 15:41:12
31 Rf1?-

4United  fireknight_072012-04-11 01:09:26
@Cygni: Yeah I was very lucky! Thanks for the analysis.-

5India  PrashantKSinha2012-04-11 09:19:15
i won in sex moves only

6India  PrashantKSinha2012-04-11 12:00:13
ohh sorry now i noticed after so long i wrote wrong word that is six not.... please ignore. that thanks-

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