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Player: England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator Subject: Euro 2012

2012-06-05 15:58:28
Of course we`ll win it. -
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43Europian  cc13741628192012-06-22 16:26:45
The sooner the Blatter. Everybody in the stadium can see the replays in seconds, including the wrong calls. [:Headshake:]-

44England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-24 10:30:25
I just love seeing every shot, foul, offside, save, handball, dribble etc 3 more times. Thank you B.Brother and thanks to the way you`ve slaughtered televised cricket. So, Portugal, Germany, and Spain are through to the semis. I hope Italy have read the script as well. Come on England ! -

45Canada  cc14226285672012-06-24 11:12:52
It promises to be a good game.If you miss it you can always watch the replay later on this evening !-

46Greece  ermisss2012-06-24 11:49:08
In my opinion Italy is the favorite to win the euro12-

47Canada  cc14226285672012-06-25 11:09:50
psychology in football.During the penalty kicks you get your goalie to stick his tongue out and laugh at the opposition.Interesting concept.-

48England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-25 11:33:51
I dont mind. We were played off the park. I still dont know how Italy allways managed to have several players closing down the man on the ball to make it so hard to make a pass. Penalties, our bain. Someone has to try and score a `hollywood` goal. If you`re not confident just aim for the middle. The goalie allways dives before it`s kicked.-

49Europian  cc13741628192012-06-27 17:20:21
The surest penalty is struck down the middle, but high. Strange we don\'t see more of them.-

50Canada  cc14226285672012-06-28 02:47:31
No Ronaldo in the penalty kicks?Strange?-

51England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-28 08:20:01
Thats gotta be the pose of all poses. If Ronny had scored the 5th pen and took P/gal to the final, surely a host of weeping angels would have descended from heaven and humbly placed upon his exalted head, a golden halo, and bore him triumphantly upon a guilded throne for a lap of honour.-

52Canada  cc14226285672012-06-28 14:13:46
Exactly extopian.Fortunately those kind of things only happen in the movies.-

53India  jaguar1002012-06-28 14:50:26
so all ready for germany---italy semis-

54Canada  cc14226285672012-06-28 23:12:45
oops,wrong again jaguar.Italy wasn\'t supposed to win-

55United  maria202012-06-29 00:07:31
I believe Italy has beaten Germany now 8 in a row, though I might be wrong.-

56India  jaguar1002012-06-29 02:06:08
time for ITALIA pizza party-

57Canada  cc14226285672012-06-29 13:10:02
STERDAM - Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk resigned on Wednesday after the team\'s surprising group stage exit at the European Championship, abruptly ending a seesaw career. Van Marwijk\'s contract to 2016 was ended \"with immediate effect,\" the Dutch federation said in a statement. Related Items 1. Articles * With little flair, Spain advances to Euro 2012 final after beating Portugal 4-2 on penalties The Dutch lost all three group games to Germany, Portugal and Denmark, after they had entered the tournament with the clear ambition of lifting the cup. Van Marwijk largely stuck with the team which lost the World Cup final to Spain in extra time two years ago and paid the price. The defence was slow and leaky, its midfield aging, and its collection of stars up front never worked well together. \"I was in serious doubt, but still decided to take this step,\" Van Marwijk said in a statement. Pressure in the media had been mounting for over a week with calls for quick action before the Netherlands starts its World Cup qualifying campaign this autumn. Speculation has been rife about possible replacements, and hours before Van Marwijk\'s resignation Feyenoord coach and former Netherlands defender Ronald Koeman explicitly said he would not take the job. The nation had been split about whether Van Marwijk should pick English Premier League top scorer Robin van Persie or Bundesliga top striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar as centre forward, and when his decision to stick with the Arsenal striker backfired during the tournament, many blamed Van Marwijk. The federation, however, decided to remember the good times. \"We are very grateful to Van Marwijk: He performed exceptionally well with a place in the World Cup final and a first place in the FIFA ranking,\" director Bert van Oostveen said. The reality of the day was different. It was the first time in more than a decade that the Dutch failed to reach the second round at either the World Cup or a Euros. And the first time since 1984 that the Dutch missed out on a place in a Euro quarterfinals. Under his reign though, something mythical was lost. Since Johan Cruyff, the Dutch were synonymous with an orange brand of fluid, classy football that cherished as much the beauty of the game as the result of a match. Van Marwijk did away with that, insisting he\'d rather win ugly than lose beautifully. The Dutch were brutish during the World Cup final and still lost. And two years later, that beauty had yet to be recovered, while the losses became worse. In the end, there was no way out. Now World Cup qualifying is the focus and the Netherlands is in a group with Romania and Turkey, with only one team guaranteed a spot in the finals. ___ AP Sports Writer Raf Casert contributed from Helsinki.-

58England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-07-02 11:53:32
Well it`s all over now. If you saw it you may have witnessed the greatest display of footballing skill ever, comparable only to the greatest Brazillian teams of the `70`s. I dunno, those bullet piercing passes to feet in the box were just awesome. El supremo Espaniola. -

59Canada  cc14226285672012-07-03 11:47:23
True but I give the Italians some credit as well.They had to beat some pretty talented teams to get to the final.-

60England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-07-03 12:14:33
They were the most improved team of the finals. Going down to 10 men through injury with a fair amount of time left was cruel,...but they had to use their subs up early in an atttempt to stem the flow.-

61Netherlands  tilburg18962012-07-07 15:54:43
windmill, Louis van Gaal is the new coach. Not the choice of the fans but we will see-

62Canada  cc14226285672012-07-08 12:31:09
It seems it\'s always the coaches fault when a team loses.I think there\'s more to it than that.Hopefully things will improve for the Dutch.-

63Canada  cc14226285672013-01-02 03:00:00
Robin van Persie fitting in nicely for Manchester United-

64England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-01-03 11:43:53
Robin van Persie is one of the few players who looks like he enjoys playing the game as a sport and not as a job.
It`s a pity isn`t allowed to play in Holland.
I`m sure Dutch fans would love to see him help get a Dutch team into European glory.

65England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-01-03 13:02:56
I shouldn`t snigger at Rapha Benitez, Chelseas new manager, brought in to save
`s face and get his £50M striker
Torres back to his old Lvpool form under
They lost at home against winless, bottom of the table QPR yesterday.
Abramovitch, Benitez, Torres, ( Van Persie ). No, it`s not the Guy Fawkes
co-conspiritors, this is England.

66England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-01-03 13:06:06
`s = Abramovitch.
Big cheque book.
Big boys toys.

67Europian  cc13741628192013-01-03 13:41:12
Queens Park Rangers had last won at Chelsea thirty years ago. Last league away win anywhere, 24 games back. Last clean sheet away anywhere, Nov 2011. Wright-Phillips, ex-Chelsea, last scored May 2010.

Wed 2 Jan 2013 Chelsea 0-1 QPR (Wright-Phillips 78)

\'livingstonfc 02 January 2013 10:45 PM And this is what the Russian people get in trade for their petro resources. Quite enjoyable.\'

68Europian  cc13741628192013-01-06 11:53:23
nice pass by giggs yesterday to rvp who runs from the centre circle almost home to collect

69England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-01-06 12:47:58
Rested Persie came on and scored a perfect 2 touch equaliser in 90th min.
Maybe W. Ham fans shouldn`t have sung their
Bubbles song just before. Sad song, apt for losers.
I nearly wept as Fergie told us before the game that Man Utd havent won the FA cup for 8 yrs, and it would be nice for some of the players.

70England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-01-17 00:51:46
Ouch ! Thats just gotta hurt. Chelsea`s No1 target confirmed as Bayern Munich coach !

I`ve never heard of Pep Guardiola
I`ll have to increase my radars range...or not.
♫..cant buy me peppy..♫

71Canada  cc14226285672013-01-17 01:52:55
I thought he might end up in England instead.Guess England will have to wait till next time.-

72England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-01-17 12:48:53
Right, he say he wants to coach in UK,
maybe after his 3yr contract.
B. Munich are flying. Still in Euro League
and well ahead in their own league, so he will inherit a winning, settled squad in the summer.
Chelsea and Man City ( also linked ) have
both been dumped out of Europe and way behind
Man Utd in our league.
Both teams have billionaire backers and chase the biggest stars but Pep Guardiola is more about team integrity than big time finacial gain. Or so I beleive.

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