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Player: England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator Subject: Euro 2012

2012-06-05 15:58:28
Of course we`ll win it. -
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13Europian  cc13741628192012-06-09 12:20:03
You like football, Anzar? -

14Canada  cc14226285672012-06-10 14:48:15
ughh,what a painful loss.So many chances.-

15Europian  cc13741628192012-06-10 15:43:26
I have a spare tyre in my boot. Well, it\'s actually a tyre for a motorbike, but i didn\'t want to keep a full-sized, 1:1 replacement just waiting around in case I needed it.\' - HaplessBandersnatch on Terrygate 9 June 2012 11:39PM-

16England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-10 17:04:29
Thats what you get for shovelling charlie up your trumpet. Haplesstosspot on Terrygate 9 June 2012 11:40PM-

17England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-10 17:57:10
For those of you who cant be bothered (all of you) to decipher #15`s spammetto, it`s about Ferdinands ommision from the England squad. His brother has pressed charges against Terry, our now ex captain for alledged racist remarks to him in a game. It all gets boring after a while. Holland v Germany, who scraped a win against Portugal looks set to be a good`n.-

18Europian  cc13741628192012-06-10 20:52:07
Hm, I was trying not to mention the R word. After Euro 2012 ex-skip John Terry will be tried in a criminal court for allegedly calling an opponent \'you black c*nt\' during a game last year. The FA stripped him of the England captaincy, but ruled him eligible to play. The alleged vicitm\'s brother, Rio Ferdinand, was Terry\'s regular partner in the England central defence, and reports suggested the team would be divided this summer if both made the side. Ferdinand was overlooked in the squad selection, while his understudy in his own club found favour as a substitute. When injury eliminated the new first choice to partner Terry in the centre, Ferdinand was overlooked again, this time without the courtesy of a call, for a right back who is, again, not a regular starter for club. Boring or sensational, this issue was a big one for last-minute manager Roy Hodson, who has helpfully explained, \'I wasn\'t going to bring in a player of Rio Ferdinand\'s age, class, background and experience to be a cover player.\'-

19Canada  cc14226285672012-06-11 01:48:48
I hate all the distractions and politics that come with the game.There was a story the other day of the Netherlands practice that was disrupted by some fans yelling racial slurs at some of the black players on the Dutch team.Just play the game for the beauty of the game and leave all the other crap outside of the door you came in.-

20Netherlands  tilburg18962012-06-12 01:25:37
well that was not what we expected it would not hurt to get 1 of 38!! attempts into the goal.And it was a 100% penalty we now have to beat the germans, the whole country is nervous but we can do it. Racism is a big problem in eastern europe, but if 25000 people watch the training of the Dutch team and 10 are shouting it should be ignored by the press is the general feeling here.Do not give these fools a podium-

21England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-12 08:52:35
Two classic headers by the home nations veteran hero Shevchenko sent Ukraine into party mood after their opening. After Englands 1-1 with France I noticed one flag draping a house front this morning.-

22Europian  cc13741628192012-06-13 10:18:22
Commercial fair play, enforcement of sensible footballing rules, lawful conduct in the stands and area. What\'s the point in getting only two of those three sorted? If Terry is found guilty of racist abuse in July, it will be a shameful moment in England\'s history. If he\'s cleared, I will be confused. Oops, no politics. The spotlight is also on Ukrainian police. Mind, great sporting occasion England - France, I thought.-

23Canada  cc14226285672012-06-16 14:45:05
No comments on the England game?-

24England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-16 15:11:56
Bit scrappy, we went from winning to drawing to losing to drawing to winning, so it was very entertaining. . Carrols header was brill, Wallcot came on, scored with his third touch and made the third with a good run round the back of the defence.Fluent in parts but Denmark were able to disrupt us too many times.-

25England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-16 15:24:33
lol I meant Sweden -

26Europian  cc13741628192012-06-16 19:31:06
Three England goals, all very good. Like, Walcott done well with this peach straight after coming on . What with Rooney coming back from a stupid ban to face Ukraine next, Woy has some \'welcome\' selection problems. However, the corner shop had best not stock up with St George\'s crosses yet. As Stevie \'G\' said before the game, \'With all respect to Sweden, who are a good team, they aren\'t France.\' Or Shearer, \'Keep your f** - the ball - keep calm. We\'re gonna have to pass it a hell of a lot better than we did tonight, because Sweden are a bang average side at most.\'-

27Canada  cc14226285672012-06-17 01:13:32
So the way I understand it is for Holland to advance they must beat Portugal by 2 goals and Germany must beat Denmark.Both games are being played at the same time.Is playing both games at the same time an attempt to prevent cheating??-

28England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-17 09:53:51
It makes sure teams play their strongest sides and try to win, as the permutations going in to the last group matches gives most teams a chance to advance into the quarter finals. If [..sinister chuckle.. ] Germany played first and lost by a hatfull to Denmark and Holland then played, knowing they were out and lost by a hatfull to Portugal dumping Germany out of the tourney, then.... Well, it wouldn`t be the first time. They do the same here for the last fixtures of the season in the leagues.-

29England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-17 10:30:03
Theres allways one group called `the group of death` (3 strong teams). Holland is in that group. 2-0 v Portugal mm, if things go a bit smoother for Roben, who gets involved in so many final ball situations , then yes. This could be his swansong. -

30Canada  cc14226285672012-06-17 12:16:09
#28, thanks for the explanation.Makes perfect sense.I suspect this \"playing at the same time rule\"was implemented because of something that happened in the past.Now if we could only get rid of the \"diving\"-

31England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-17 15:07:12
Now its all about the art colliding with the defender or making sure you get a foot conveniently placed with his leg to look like a trip. Football and show business shouldn`t mix.-

32Canada  cc14226285672012-06-18 12:20:00
Disaster for the Dutch.Very disappointing performance.-

33India  jaguar1002012-06-18 12:29:07
the quarterfinals are going to be v interesting-

34Netherlands  tilburg18962012-06-19 00:43:00
to say the least windmill. the newspapers are relentless for the coach and players. What surprised me the most was the pour condition of the players. And i cannot explain how the sytem they played worked so well for 4 years and now totally collapsed. All the orange is gone on the streets but we will be back in Brazil 2014!! you can count on that-

35Brazil  CaldasNovas2012-06-19 18:16:05

36United  CTremayne2012-06-19 20:05:33
Heroic Clearance!-

37Canada  cc14226285672012-06-20 01:45:00
not really.The ball was in the net.-

38India  jaguar1002012-06-20 04:31:29
hope spain ,germany , portugal , england make it to the semis-

39United  CTremayne2012-06-20 08:25:12
Windmill, the guy was also offside. 2 years ago it was a yard over and not given. You get some, you don\'t. The sooner video technology is brought in, the better.-

40Canada  cc14226285672012-06-20 12:45:20
Sounds like a great idea.The sooner the better.-

41England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-06-20 23:22:40
It was bound to happen but I dont blame the 4th official. Sometimes it`s too close to call without freeze frame and the benefit of the doubt must go to defence. They should`ve used the technology years ago if cameras are there. They haven`t though because the powers that be are concerned that every decision and non-decision will eventually be subjected to ....big brother. Football without the ref or linesman cocking up occasionally ..well after 130 years. There is something wrong though, we`ve learned to live with bad decisions because we have to. Now we dont... Bring on the Italians ! -

42Canada  cc14226285672012-06-21 00:02:28
The so called experts on the subject say that the technology will only be used for disputed goals and not for off sides or any other matters,including diving.I don\'t think that will disrupt play at all.I wouldn\'t rule out the Italians.They will show up!-

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