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Player: India  kp21 Subject: For discussion

2012-10-15 17:16:48
White : Veer
Black : Kamlesh
Result : 1/2 - 1/2

This is one of the my correspondence games. I felt lots of pressure after 5. ... Kxf7. Later on, after 19.O-O-O, I decided to go for draw. The game was drawn by three fold repetition. I want to discuss the following points.
1) The move 5.Bxf7+, I think was terrible. Any better defense for this? Please discuss.
2) I think this could have won by white, not draw. Your opinion please.
3) Any other points.

Kamlesh Patel(KP21)
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9India  kp212012-10-16 16:04:20
Thanks angelfish, Frederator and Windmill for your useful comments.

8...Bd6 is nice one. as it prevents further attack and meantime develops.

Also windmill\'s suggestion received through personal message is 6... Nc6 7. Nf3 e5 8. O-O Nd5 9. Qe2 Nxc3 10. bxc3, looks sound. It prevents the attack and develops.(see attached pgn)