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Player: United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator Subject: Tournament Question

2012-11-28 04:23:56
This question is for any chesshere member who has an opinion on this topic.

As many of you know, many non-premium members who make an account, right away go and create a CC tournament, but then they do not maintain it, then it becomes \"unavailable\" which really means the tournament creator is inactive.

My question is: Should these tournaments be deleted, should they stay on the tournaments page, or should they continue, but no more members would be allowed to join?
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1United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2012-11-28 04:25:25
Meaning the tournament would still play out, but only the number of players that have already joined will stay. So instead of 10 out of 10 members in the tournament, there may only be 5 or 6, or however many there are.-

2United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-11-28 15:28:05

One of the directives I gave the Chesshere administration was that non-premium members can not create chess tournaments.

I am pretty sure they followed that advice as they did the other one - that non-premium members can not create a team.

Allowing them to do either really messed up this site over the past 3 years and we are still working on cleaning it up.

If you see where a non-premium member has created a tournament in the past 2 weeks then let me know the information and I will find out what went wrong.


3United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2012-11-29 00:42:00
You would not believe how cluttered the tournaments section was with unavailables in the past. Probably over 50 unavailables that I had to beg them to remove.-

4United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-11-29 17:45:38
Our programmer wrote a really slick program for team captains to challenge other teams. It shows all the members of the other team on the left and all of your team members on the right and you simply match the players up and send the challenge.

Then we agreed that only a premium member could start a team because the freebies would start teams, get bored, and not log in anymore leaving the team hanging!

Well, two knightmares developed!

Knightmare 1: was that so many active captains left people on their team that had not logged in for over 2 years! Which meant that the match program would allow the challenging captain to challenge those inactive players.

Knightmare 2: was that there were so many inactive captains but the players on the team were active! WHAT A MESS!

I pushed them to remove all the inactive teams and they gave me permission to do it. It took me 3 days of investigating them to get the job done.

We went from 354 teams down to 54 teams after I removed all the teams which were inactive.

But it is better to have 54 real teams than boast that you have 354 when 300 of them had lost their captains or their members.


5India  crazyayan1452013-01-17 16:20:46
how should i create a tournament?-

6Canada  cc14226285672013-01-17 21:18:37
you have to be a premium member to create a tournament!!-

7United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2013-01-18 01:37:32
Yeah things have changed since I posted this. I am going to close it because I have posted the new policy.


8England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-11-27 12:09:26
Currently there is just 1 (one) tourney available to join on the cc tournament page.
There must be a lot of members who want to join tourneys but cant create them and a lot of prem members who wont create new tourneys because ;
a) they dont
b) they already have enough games.

Could Chesshere create similar tourneys as default when the number drops below a preset level?
As a suggestion they could be 3-4 day time control and consist of 3 different rating groups, and maybe one no rating limit.

9United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-11-28 00:01:51
EPPR could create a Winter tournament. At the moment I am too busy trying to save hung tournaments to be creating new ones.

What are your thoughts EPPR?
Is there already a 2013 Winter tournament?
If not, could you start one?

I have my hands full.

Public Relations

10United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2013-11-28 01:44:47
Are you talking about tournaments or championships?-

11United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-11-28 03:49:39
He was talking about Tournaments - not our Championships.


12England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-11-28 12:00:49
Just simple tourneys that automatically kick in when the number of tourneys on the tournament page drop below a set figure, say below 3.
Dont have to be themed, C/here 1,2,3 etc would suffice.
Just so that there are always tourneys to enter.

13United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2013-11-28 16:45:54
Ah, I see what you are saying.

I might be able to start one but at the moment I am working on ending the long list of hung tournaments.


14United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-11-29 11:05:50

I am sorry to tell you that you are not working on that project. I wanted you on the project, but the owner decided that he wanted it handled by only 1 person so that the database will not be corrupted.

So... you are free to create a tournament as extopian suggested.

Public Relations Director

15England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-11-29 18:09:55
Well there are 13 tourneys to join now so maybe new ones are not needed. could create tourneys as you do for rtc. That is, rotate 4 tourneys, one at a time with different make ups as to your discretion. When one fills up another. Or even four at a time. Thats what I had in mind.-

16England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-11-29 18:11:38
*When one fills up another starts-

17United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-11-30 02:34:45
#15 extopian.

That is what the Owner and EPPR did and it turned out to be an atrocity.

There are not enough players who want to play right away and with 4 tournaments open the players would wait an hour before they filled.

In fact, many dropped out after waiting 30 minutes.

That is why I insist that we only run 2 tournaments at a time.

However, I think one problem people have is they don\'t realize they have to scroll down to see the 2nd tournament.

Public Relations

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