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Player: United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Movies you don\'t want to rent

2012-12-02 21:02:45
We have a topic on good movies, so we should also have a topic where people can post bad movies.

Please give the name of the movie and why you think it is a waste of time or money to rent the DVD. I will start it out with a movie I rented yesterday:

Alien Dawn

I paid $3 to rent this movie and after watching most of it I wouldn\'t watch it again if you paid me $10!

It is a takeoff from \'War of the Worlds\' where an alien invasion which consists of tripods (shown in the last War of the Worlds movie) come from Mars to invade us.

This is a super low budget and very, very stupid movie! For example:

By day 2 the President makes an annoucement that we have a worldwide invasion and everyone in the city must fight for their own lives. Then they show a woman who is ill and laying on a mattress (this has nothing to do with the theme of the movie), so a dumb person gives her some \'water\' to drink, but then she throws up because he had handed her a bottle of bleach!
Two other people in the room come in and call him stupid. Well yeah...
So then they go through all this agony of the woman vomiting blood and finally dying.

Day 3 Their are 3 people trying to stay alive against these giant tripods (one of them being the stupid guy who gave the woman bleach to drink as water).
He says that he knows how to make a bomb and proceeds to mix some household chemicals together. So he makes his little bomb and somehow the giant 200 ft high tripod steps on it and blows up completely!

This is especially stupid when they had shown that air force and land missles had no effect on these aliens.

I haven\'t finished watching the movie because it is such a waste of time. I think I\'ll just fast-forward to see the end.
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1United  cc14928133342012-12-03 09:04:05
So stupid it\'s awesome -

2Australia  Baggy_Gee2012-12-03 12:28:27
the five year engagement was pretty shocking, funny that i wasted my hard earned on it.-

3England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-12-04 13:55:15
I dont envy you going into the vid store.
When I used to go into blockbusters I got so confused, I ended up bringing back films that I have no idea how they got made in the first place.
At least with the old b/w `B` films you can wonder at the amount of different shadows there are in a scene and on the actors faces.
I guess my favourite bad films were the `Hammer, House of Horror` movies. Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee et all, and as treat sometimes Christopher Plummer would wear the fangs.
They covered all the monster films,
They churned them out, dozens.
It was funny when the locals would rise up
against Dr Frankenstein, it was always at night so they could run amock with burning torches which they must have had lying around. Actually Dr.Frankenstein had the most amazing lab. All those big handles he could pull when lightening was overhead,
massive electron tubes, conductors, all arcing streams of high voltage. Egor would be there \" yes master\"
\"I`ts aliiiiive\"

4England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-12-04 19:40:59
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves was a shocker.

5United  blake786132012-12-04 19:59:15
I know that this is supposed to be about movies not to rent, but extopian\'s comments made me think of a movie to rent: \"Gods and Monsters\". I too love the old Hammer movies, but the movie that you are talking about is \"Bride of Frankenstein\" with Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester. \"Gods and Monsters\" is about the making of \"Bride of Frankenstein\" and stars Ian McKellen, Brandon Fraiser, and Lynn Redgrave. Next time I will post about a movie not to rent, but in the meantime be sure and rent \"Gods and Monsters\".-

6Canada  cc14226285672012-12-04 22:07:30
Never say Never--Justin Bieber-

7United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-05 02:39:26
Ohhh Windmill...... I loved the nod you gave Steve McQueen earlier, but then you cancel it out with a nod to the Bieb. I won\'t give my opinion of Justine since we\'re supposed to play nice, but I do have to say I think I\'ll puke if I see his face plastered on any more products at Wal-mart. Lol.

Movies not to watch? James Stewart\'s western \'Shenendoah.\' It\'s about 2 hrs long, but you\'ll swear it\'s at least 5 hours before it ends. It basically strikes me as a study in how many different ways a man\'s children can die during the Civil War. His children are mostly all grown, and he loses at least one for every twenty minutes of film. Do any of you remember ol\' Doc Baker from Little House on the Prairie? If you do, don\'t ever watch this movie because you\'ll despise Doc Baker till your dying day. He\'s in this movie as well, and his character kills a tidy handful of folks before it\'s all over. And just when you think poor Jimmy Stewart can\'t possibly have any worse luck than he\'s had, his 16 year old son gets shot by their own soldiers ten minutes before the movie ends.

The Pendragon

8Canada  cc14226285672012-12-05 02:49:42
this post is called MOVIES YOU DON\'T WANT TO RENT.-

9Canada  cc14226285672012-12-05 03:08:56
Let me make it clearer for you.Don\'t rent \"Never say Never\"-Justin Bieber-

10England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-12-05 19:33:38
Shenendoah ? That sounds like a must see.
His miserable drawl was made for that film. I know, it`s too much to hope he tops himself at the end.
I know I`ve seen it, probably one of his where I came to loath him.

11England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-12-05 20:22:30
Yes Blake I did blur the films. The one you mention is a classic from the days of Lon Chaney and Bella Lugosi.
However `The Evil Of Frankenstein 1964` is so cliched and full of melodramatic rubbish acting that I doubt it`s even rentable now.
Check out 17 min 40 sec into the film

Not sure if this should go in a nostalga thread. When bad was good.

12United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-12-05 21:17:26
OMG! What a HORRIBLE movie!!!

They should pay people $20/hour to sit thru movies like that!


13United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-06 04:41:56
Windmill, my abject apologies. I thankfully misconstrued your post. I\'m glad to find another person out there who fails to be captivated by the Bieb. :)

I\'m hesitant to mention \'Cheaper by the Dozen\' as a movie you shouldn\'t see, because I\'m TOLD that there really are people out there who like it. The best part of that whole movie to me was the part where I fell asleep. Boring beyond belief.

The Pendragon

14United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-12-11 00:48:15
The Dark Knight Rises (2012) just came out on DVD and I was anxious to rent it because I had missed it at the movie theater.

I like Batman movies... but I swear, this has to be the worst Batman movie ever created! I found it totally disgusting!

Instead of our hero Batman being a tough super hero he is shown as a weakling being pushed around, beat-up and unable to do much of anything. Makes you want to throw up!

15United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-11 00:55:44
I\'ve never ... ever ... EVER seen a Batman movie. I\'m told I\'m missing out, and I\'m also told that the Dark Knight is the best yet, but from what I\'ve heard from Don and others ... I think I\'ll pass.

And I usually am a series kind of guy. Indy Jones? Yes. Star Wars? Big yes. Lord of the Rings? Sure. Jurassic Park? Ohhhh Yes. But superheroes? Not so much.

16Canada  cc14226285672012-12-11 01:07:33
I\'ve never seen a batman movie either.I tend to watch good movies.You know,the ones that win academy awards.Same with music,why listen to Justin Bieber when you can listen to Neil Young-

17United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-11 01:19:29
Oh,that\'d be a good topic: Favorite Academy Award Winners in any category.-

18United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-12-11 01:39:50

We already have a \'good movie\' thread under \'Social\' and called \"Movies\".

Please post your ideas in an existing thread instread of creating a new topic which is basically the same subject.


19United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-12-21 04:44:12
Oh MAN! I really ran into a LEMON!
I was at my favorite video store and I saw a movie called, \"CHERNOBYL DIARIES\".

I have been looking for a movie about what happened at CHERNOBYL (mostly a documentary) so I saw I could rent it for $2.95 a day or BUY it for only $9.95! Of course I fell for it and bought the movie. Soon after watching it I realized why the video store wanted to get rid of every copy they had.

I would give it to a neighbor, but if I did that they would be so mad at me for wasting 90 minutes of their life!

I think I\'ll save the container (I can remove the paper title) and throw the disk away. I never keep anything I don\'t like.


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