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Player: United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member Subject: What\'s In a Name?

2012-12-11 17:59:01
Given the fact that there are over 700 forums posted, this topic may have already been broached somewhere, but I couldn\'t find it.

Most of us seem to have rather unusual names. Not too many \"Chess Dude\" type names out there. If you care to share, explain the significance if any behind your username.
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1England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-12-11 18:38:41
Mines just made up. Old amateur football teams sometimes had a name ending in ...ians.
Kingstonians,Old Wokingians,Old Suttonians. The leagues were call Isthmian, Athenian, Corinthian etc. It`s all greek to me

Pendragon must be after Arthur Pendragon, or King Arthur. Some say he was Welsh, but Pendragon is I think a Cornish name. I visited his supposed castle at Tintagel, Cornwall.
Please Arthur, I know where Excaliber is.
The time is right.

2Canada  cc14226285672012-12-11 19:31:15
I was born in Holland-

3United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-11 19:45:49
Pendragon is tied to Arthur, but I chose the name after reading C.S. Lewis\'s novel \'That Hideous Strength.\' It involves the Wizard Merlin coming back to life in modern times and has a lot of ties to Arthurian legend. Ransom, the main character, is the Pendragon of the final battle.

Windmill ... u make me laugh. Lol.

4England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2012-12-11 19:54:02
Great book, one of a trilogy. lol I`ve completely forgotten it/them.-

5United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-11 20:24:14
\'Out of the Silent Planet\' and \'Perelandra.\'-

6Canada  cc14226285672012-12-12 03:56:21

7United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-12-12 05:56:19
My handle is named after the Arrakis BBS that I created and ran in 1990. For those of you who do not know it, Arrakis was the name of the planet in the book & movie called \"DUNE\".


P.S. When I came here in \'09 the name arrakis was already taken, so I added the year, 09 to the end.

8Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2012-12-12 11:12:44
‘Perelandra’, one of the first novels I ever read, had Ransom eating a delicious fruit previously unknown to man in this new Garden of Eden. That image has stayed in my mind all of these years.

My friend invited me to play him on ChessHere in 2007. Since he was a vet and for some reason called himself tierarzt, I went for Zahnarzt. Pretty unimaginative in retrospect, naming yourself after your job, but I wasn’t planning to play anyone else at the time. Then you’re stuck with it.

9United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-12-12 20:29:39
You think that\'s bad. I know people who put their full real name in as a user! -

10United  PendragonChessHere Gold Member2012-12-12 21:30:59
I know. Some folks even use their email address. Just goes to show ya the Billy Currington song is right. \"People are Crazy.\"-

11Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2012-12-12 23:40:33
People who put their real name in as a user are honest, open and trustworthy. They have nothing to hide. But in this world they are sadly naive. -

12Canada  cc14226285672012-12-13 00:27:30
my real name is Corrie Van Dyke-Winnipeg Manitoba Canada-

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