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Player: Australia  Zahnarzt Subject: Rejection in Chess

2013-03-17 05:35:23
Caissa,the patron goddess of chess players, is fickle in her relationships. Many of us are drawn to her but brutally rejected. How many of us have ambitions to become good players but get dejected after a string of defeats or sometimes just a single disappointing defeat? Many leave the game after a brief flirtation. Have you ever felt rejected by chess, and if so, how did you overcome your feelings and reinvigorate your interest?
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7Australia  Zahnarzt2013-03-17 11:26:03
We return to the things we like to do. kp21 you can’t force your son to play but if he sees others enjoying the game he may want to play again. Some people don’t like the competitive side at all and just like problems solving and other chess puzzles. It’s a very confronting thing, to sit there and thwart the other guy’s every move.