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Player: United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Post some facts that you have read

2013-04-03 01:23:16
The idea is to post something that you have read or seen on the news as a factual statement. I will start it out.
Please do not post religious or political messages. This is mostly for fun.
I read in a column (sorry I don\'t recall the address to it) that said:
\'Women blink twice as much as men\'.

Well I was surprised to see this and so I wanted to test this statement out. Of course staring at your girlfriends eyes for a couple of minutes might not get the result you wanted...

So I watched the newscasters on TV, men vs. women. By golly, all the women were blinking 3-4 times more than the men! Maybe the statement was true???

But then using my chess mind I started thinking about this. And here is my idea of how this message was written as a fact:

Most women on TV wear contact lenses while the guys are fine wearing glasses. Have you ever worn contact lenses? I have. They make you blick 2-3 times more than usual!

So I don\'t think this \'factual statement\' is true, although I really don\'t know. Everytime I stare at a woman\'s eyes in the real world she runs away from me. *GASP*

Anyways, I would like to hear some \'facts\' that you have heard and if you think they are true or not. A little humor gives you a plus.

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67United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-06-28 01:58:11
Read my stats. I am a professional chess writer.


68International  jack79512013-06-30 16:17:45
well ,officially retired from the Military fter 40 years. Fro Viet Nam to Iraq , i have been there every step o the way and I wold recommed it a any young ma or inha fact oman. now to sit back and enjoy my retiremet and play some chess and enjoy mt retrement , my grand children arein high school, one is on the football and baseball , tea and my granddaughter isa cheerleader and on the gymnastics team.I look forwrd to going andwatching thm whie I eat hot dogs,, It seems Mr.arrakis has donea ot forthis sitebehind the scenes and should b appauded. , according to his #55 post. i wonderabut starting the Team forums , t sem to me that thy ave been here for a long time ,way before you became a member.I d have on criticism nd it is your handing off th forums and the POWER you have in geting people banned which in many cases I feel totally unwarranted. ,but anyway it seems yuo are trying to make this the best chess site again as it once was.I also wold be interested in why uyou are banned fom Redhotpawn which I am also a member.-

69United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-06-30 17:32:17
I was never on administration at RHP, just a captain who joined the existing DUNE team. But then the captain disappeared and nobody wanted the job, so I took it.

I was critical of many of the posts that were being displayed in the open areas at RHP. Some of them horrible pornography such as more than one person posting about forcing a girl to have sex with a horse and even one person posting how a man was tortured to death by having a horse with a probe shoved up his back side.

I always do what I think is right and I immediately reported these posts to their forum moderator. But he let them stay for 3 days!

So I sent him this message: \'IF I WERE YOU BOSS I\'D FIRE YOU!\' And then I copied and posted the messages to Russ, the owner.

That got the forum manager and his buddies mad at me and they started picking on me over everything I would post, but I am educated on how to handle these types of situations. I started documenting EVERYTHING!

When the problem of sexual posts continued I sent an email to Russ (not just a PM at his site, but I looked up his email address) that I had documented all the posts I had told him about and I wanted a mailing address to send an official letter to his site.

He thought (because I was a writer and had connections) that I was going to shut RHP down or file an official complaint against his site.

The next day I was locked out of the site.
Most of my messages were deleted and (get this) when several of my team members posted the information that I just gave you, THEY were given 6 month forum bans AND nobody in the DUNE clan (they call them clans there instead of teams) was allowed to post ANY message at all about anything in the Dune forums.

That is the honest truth.

I was an administrator at ICC, but when I took over as the editor for Michigan Chess magazine I did not have time to work at ICC so I dropped out of management. But the owner (Marty) and I have remained friends for years and I am still a member of ICC because I like to watch their videos. I stopped playing a lot of blitz because of the carpal tunnel I had developed in my wrist.

I have another account at RHP to see how the site is running, just like I have accounts on many chess sites under different names to see how well they are doing. RHP has really gone downhill since they locked me out and half of the members of the \'DUNE team\' left there out of protest and tracked me down to find me here.

You have to be doing something right as a captain when half of your team leave just to want to have you as a captain no matter where you go.

Best regards,

70Europian  cc13741628192013-06-30 18:01:54
*55 \'* I added over 200 paying members by writing articles for National chess magazines.\'

*67 \' I am a professional chess writer.\'

Sounds excellent.

Can you post some of those articles? The forums can always do with good chess stuff. Or post links or information. I know how hard it can be to get editorial space. I assume by \'National\' you mean published in the USA? What are the titles of the magazines? Did you write about chess or about ChessHere? Editorials? Advertorials? You have added 200 paying members to ChessHere by writing articles for magazines?

71International  jack79512013-06-30 21:12:54
Arrakis . Thank you for your immediate response and candor .I would say that you were treated with a lack o respect and , quite frankl,UNFAIRLY to say the lest !!I hope your work here at this chess site comes to your own Expectations. that is what i think about you. Very Deliberate, which is a favorable trait.I might add tha mny of the playersthat have banned from the forums feel they have been treated unfairly. Would you agree. I have prayed many times ,too numerous to count ,and the Goo Lor has answered most of my prayers . Show some mercy and give those banned players another shot. Wishing your future here be meaningful, respectfully submited jack 7951-

72United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-07-01 01:55:07
70 angelfish

I don\'t write about myself unless asked, and you ask way too much of my time.

71 jack7951

Thank you jack.
I keep a membership on other sites to compare them with what we are doing here at Chesshere, then I advise the owner.

To be honest with you, I would not want to play on the sites that I monitor. I would prefer to play here.

Regarding the players that I have given a forum ban: I gave each and every one of them two warnings before I had to ban them. I never give a ban unless a person is causing a problem. In the cases mentioned above, I offered to remove the ban to 3 players if they agreed to follow the rules and each player refused.

My activity in the forums is minimal compared to what I do, but I protect the average player of abuse from forum bullies.

Public Relations Director

73Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-01 12:18:40
We should let the facts speak for themselves. -

74International  jack79512013-07-01 15:42:36
#72i can only imagine how busy you must be trying to elevate this website to meet your standards I think that 2-3 warnings would be sufficient, but apparently not in many cases.typically how long does a banning last a month? I mean it is not like a soldier going AWOL I am gathering all my gear today and tomorrow here at Fort Bragg, and even have some time to play chess at lunchtime.REARDS, jack-

75United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-07-01 19:32:35
If a hacker spams all the forums with the same message they are removed and their IP address is locked out.

In the case of a forum ban it depends on how severe the penalties were. In most cases I am willing to remove a forum ban in 30-60 days. However, the person must agree not to do the things they were banned for and as I mentioned, 3 people have turned the option down.

I am not the only person who gives forum bans and I fought to have a ban removed for windmill that was given to him by another administrator. Then I tried to work with windmill when he started posting negative messages again and slamming people. In the end he was given a permanent ban and I had to apologize to the administrator who had banned him in the first place.

It made me realize that when another administrator bans someone they have tried to work with them, but the person wouldn\'t stop slamming the site nor some of the people who worked here.

So we all came to an agreement. Whenever an administrator or person in high management gives someone a forum ban - nobody else is to make an attempt to remove it.

If a person wants to agree that they will follow the rules and stop all the negative posting* then they should send their message to \'Contact Us\' and management will send the request to the person who placed the ban. They have the decision to release the ban or maintain it.

* example of negative posting:
\'I wouldn\'t pay a dime to belong to this site\'.

Posting negatively like that does not help anyone.

Public Relations Director

76Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-01 22:24:53
Some people are so very naive -

77International  jack79512013-07-02 15:14:12
Being an old timer, I will have to admit I used to enjoy reading Windmill posts. back then he had a different handle. Same goes for THE fish.I enjoyed some one speaking their mind, though they were harsh at times. I loved a fellow named Rene,thou he has left this site.The past few days I have receieved a few PM\'s saying They had received no prior warnings prior to being Banned,but We both know there are 3 sides to the story. In any event , keep up the good work !!-

78India  jaguar1002013-07-02 16:16:07
a day in office :
a guy --raj , in a different dept had a shift on sunday. raj decided to skip the day . the supervisor cld him to join. raj told the supervisor he could not come as his mother was unwell. the supervisor abused him saying I didnt ask ur mother to come to office. I asked u to come to office. raj complained to the manager and the HR. guess what no one did anything. this guy raj then resigned and left.
does this happen everywhere.what evil ego some people cultivate once they get promoted

79Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-02 16:17:47
I for one firmly believe in the liberty of expression. Windmill sounds like a pretty interesting chap and probably thought the same.

Three sides to every story is so true, Jack. I understand that he is snuffed out while we are here writing about him while he has no chance to defend himself and we are stuck with only one side of the story.

Also, no one should act as the referee when he is a party to the dispute, and worst of all, be the witness, prosecutor, judge, the jury and the executioner.

Furthermore, no one is good enough or smart enough to be given unlimited power.

80Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-02 20:23:42
Jaguar100,tyrants must be stomped no matter where they happen to spawn. We can never be too vigilant. No need da dat[-

81England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-07-02 20:52:58
It`s not fair when I skip a day and my boss sees right through my scheming little fibs is it. Who does he think he is....he cant know I`m lying about my mothers well-being. I`ll front him out, go over his head and complain about him. I`ll show him!-

82England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-07-02 20:55:49
That` done it! They`re on his side. I cant go back now. I`ll have to leave. I`ll keep pretending that I was working for a tyrant. Anything for a bit of sympathy now I`m out of work.-

83England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-07-02 21:22:54
I mean, in the book of excuses for not going to work the ` my mothers ill` routine is not even in the`s a no-no. Now `family matters have cropped up` or `there`s been a bereavement` are non questionable. If pressed on the subject just say ` I`m cant talk about it`.-

84United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-07-05 11:10:12
It was on the News yesterday that in Idaho, USA it was hot enough to bake cookies placed on tinfoil outside.

And in Las Vegas one persons tennis shoes were melting from walking on the hot sidewalks.

I think the whole world is under a heat wave.

85Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-05 11:55:51
But there are still global warming deniers galore, more particularly those in the oil industry. It\'s all about $$$. -

86Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2013-07-05 12:58:41
Plot a graph of animal numbers versus animal size. There are many flies but few elephants. Nevertheless all animal species lie on a straight line, except one. There are ten thousand times too many humans than the line would anticipate. If that happens with any other species, like locusts for example, we call it a plague. So the problem is not global warming, but human plague. The trouble is capitalism requires 3 per cent growth for economies to stay healthy, so we have no interest in reducing our numbers over the longer term.-

87United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-07-05 17:00:22
#86 Zahnarzt

A friend of mine sent me a quote about humans... It said, \'NATURE will never make that mistake again\'.

88Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-06 01:20:20
Maybe we will end up like locusts and self-destruct after destroying everything else in our path.-

89Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Gold Member2013-07-06 09:38:29
Yes, nature has its own ways of balancing the sheet.-

90Europian  cc13741628192013-07-08 05:29:14
Programming is to be compulsory for five-year-olds - National Curriculum for England and Wales 2013, published today-

91United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-07-08 11:57:31
I think that is a great idea!
We have many 5 yr old kids who use the computer on their own here in the US.

92Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-08 12:13:56
...elderly chimps too -

93England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-07-08 12:35:38
\"Go forward by going backwards
The new curriculum designed for tomorrows world.
1. cooking with nature.
2. How to throw tv`s & computors
3. How to read books made of paper
4. Chess
5. Undoing capitalism for the new world.
6. How to live without borrowing.
7. The evils of adverts placed all over everywhere to invade your head.
8. Non compusory maths.

94Bermuda  cc13741628932013-07-08 13:56:18
I agree with most of your new curriculum.

Well except for the computer, given that the internet is the best library ever designed by humankind. You have so many answers at the touch of a keyboard. Like any good thing, with it comes the bad. You must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

95England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-07-08 20:00:25
I saw the news report on *90
Funny watching a class of 5yr olds with their heads laying on the desks while looking intelligent writing stuff on a sheet of paper. Swiveling the pencil from side to side or sucking the end of it. Oh what good boys and girls. Then a posh kid saying what the ministers would like to hear. He wont remember what he said when he`s 8.
Go on strike ! Tell `em to do it themselves.

96United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-07-08 20:06:38
So THAT is where all my pencils have gone!!!

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