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Player: United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Post some facts that you have read

2013-04-03 01:23:16
The idea is to post something that you have read or seen on the news as a factual statement. I will start it out.
Please do not post religious or political messages. This is mostly for fun.
I read in a column (sorry I don\'t recall the address to it) that said:
\'Women blink twice as much as men\'.

Well I was surprised to see this and so I wanted to test this statement out. Of course staring at your girlfriends eyes for a couple of minutes might not get the result you wanted...

So I watched the newscasters on TV, men vs. women. By golly, all the women were blinking 3-4 times more than the men! Maybe the statement was true???

But then using my chess mind I started thinking about this. And here is my idea of how this message was written as a fact:

Most women on TV wear contact lenses while the guys are fine wearing glasses. Have you ever worn contact lenses? I have. They make you blick 2-3 times more than usual!

So I don\'t think this \'factual statement\' is true, although I really don\'t know. Everytime I stare at a woman\'s eyes in the real world she runs away from me. *GASP*

Anyways, I would like to hear some \'facts\' that you have heard and if you think they are true or not. A little humor gives you a plus.

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37England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-06-02 22:23:05
The real time chess and correspondence chess stats that are on Chessheres opening page seem to have a strange life of their own. They bear no resemblance to facts, which is what they are supposed to do.
The real time stats are particularly wierd.
How can an automated counter get it so wrong ? The numbers go up and down all of their own accord like they have a life of their own.

38Australia  Baggy_Gee2013-06-02 22:45:47
Maybe the Chesshere server has become sentient, and it feeds it\'s ego but just making up numbers and chuckling to it\'s self.-

39United  JPB2013-06-03 22:58:07
Length x Width = Area. A male barnicle has genetalia 8x the size of his body (lucky female barnicles ;). I believe the volume of a sphere is pi(raduis cubed). I can eat ¼ of my weight in just one week! And my alcohol consumption limits are yet unknown...-

40Europian  cc13741628192013-06-04 03:38:48
Oysters have less luck

41United  JPB2013-06-04 22:42:01
MATH is a fact.-

42England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-06-06 18:21:28
1 yard = the tip of your nose to the tip of the finger of your outstretched arm, or one pace.
1 foot = self explanatory.
1 acre = the area one horse can plough in a day.
1 pound (lb) = how much grain you can pick up with two hands.
...and many more

au natural.

Metric = nobody knows, it`s just easier in 10`s

43United  cc14928133342013-06-06 18:41:59
Facts are stubborn-

44Canada  cc13755181592013-06-06 19:50:45
My mind is already made up; do not confuse me with the facts. -

45United  JPB2013-06-06 21:19:11
Every day for approximately the next month is supposed to reach over 100ºF here in Phoenix.-

46United  cc14928133342013-06-08 01:21:32
A competing site has raised its subscription costs for non-current subscribers by 75.95% to 133.55%-

47Europian  cc13741628192013-06-08 03:51:45
Not much use without the complete picture, I\'m afraid.-

48United  cc14928133342013-06-08 15:36:59
Rates went from $2.95/month or $3.95/month or $29.95/yr or $39.95/yr to $5.95/$6.95/$69.95/$79.95 respectively. That site has received $260 of $5000 for site improvements.

The rate increases only apply to new and returning/lapsed subscribers

49United  cc14928133342013-06-09 23:31:46
That site has received $705 of $5000 for improvements-

50England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2013-06-13 18:53:57
That\'s some hike...whats the pitch?-

51United  cc14928133342013-06-13 22:34:33
There wasn\'t one. Just a notice about ten days before that prices would rise on new and returning subscribers. Personally I would\'ve dropped prices by 50%. 3 members have given $5000 each for improvements last year.-

52Europian  cc13741628192013-06-16 09:23:06
46% of mothers think Homer Simpson makes children think all fathers are useless.

53Canada  cc13755181592013-06-20 10:10:25
Facts: Michigan is a state in the U S of A.-

54Canada  cc13755181592013-06-21 12:02:45
Facts: There is a guy from Michigan claimimg to be Public Realtions Director of a chess site.-

55United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-06-21 16:28:56
What other title would you like to see? I was close to purchasing this site once, but my work has really increased the value of and now I can not afford to buy it.

I refused to be a moderator and was hired for a special job by the owner. He is the only person I have to answer to although I am happy to work amongst the group of members here. Note that I am not only an administrator, but I am a specialist and many of the changes that have happened here in the last 1-2 years are because of me.

* I am the guy who found and forced the installation of an Opening database for members to use for your games.

*I forced the creation of team forums.

*I fired all the moderators or promoted them to administrators.

* I (and my team) have deleted over 100 cheaters.

* I stopped abuse in the forums

* I added over 200 paying members by writing articles for National chess magazines.

* I am a very good troubleshooter and work with the team in Lansing, Michigan that supplies our two servers (I live 40 miles from the server site).

* When the site was locking up, slowing down and dropping members in the middle of something nobody - not even the programmers could find the problem.
But I have hardware experience and convinced the server team in Lansing to run a special test. My hunch was right on! Weak sector data and we replaced a hard drive. After working with the server team we fixed all those mysterious lockups and the site has never ran better.

* Most of my work is done outside of the site - the forums are simply something that I have to keep an eye on. EPPR also helps me in this area and we work well together.

I have also added and changed 20 other things including stopping moderators from reading mail. I told the owner to get rid of them and allow the members to post immediately without anybody having to check their post first. He said he would if I would keep the abusers out and stop people from bad-mouthing other players.

So yeah, I could sign off as Admin or some other title, but I put myself in direct contact with the members so I am the \'Public Relations Director\'. Sometimes I just sign a message like this:


56United  Borris2013-06-21 20:33:45
I\'ve noticed a real improvement since i\'ve been here. I spend several hours a day, everyday, on chess here. Thanks Arrakis09! You are a professional.


57Canada  cc13755181592013-06-21 23:26:47
Facts: Chesshere is a chess site.-

58Canada  cc13755181592013-06-21 23:48:32
Borris, you have been a member here since May 19th of this year. -

59United  cc14928133342013-06-22 03:37:24

Well Done

60Canada  cc13755181592013-06-22 11:26:32
Facts: Don is Public Realtions Director of Chesshere. -

61Canada  cc13742464932013-06-22 14:15:43
this post feels like a remake of Iam legend-

62United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-06-22 18:53:19
Yes, Ouate-de-phoque is stuck like a broken record repeating the song over and over.


63United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-06-22 19:53:42
#58 Ouate-de-phoque

Borris played at this site 3-4 years ago and quit as hundreds of other players did when site lockups became a problem.


64Canada  cc13755181592013-06-22 20:05:56
Would that mean that he has more than one account - Just wondering... for I believe in the presumption of innocence.-

65Canada  cc13755181592013-06-22 20:07:15
A legend in his own time... I mean to say.-

66Europian  cc13741628192013-06-27 22:30:11
*55 is site-related rather than social, but we would be interested to know about the writing. Are you referring to recent writing and new members on this site?-

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