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Player: Canada  greenpChessHere Gold Member Subject: Team :Why So Serious

2013-04-16 02:31:41
Need more members.Everybody welcome.-
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1United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2013-04-16 14:42:44
There are several teams with 3 or less members. If any team continues with only 1 player they are going to be deleted, so I suggest you guys contact each other and merge together into 2 or 3 teams.

It will make all of you stronger and more popular to do so.

Team Name Captain Players
JML59 JML59 1
Smoky Kings lilypadsdad 3
Anadolu tovuz 3
Tri Nations chris1951 3
Blackbishops AVSIN 1
sunrise gaiberner 2
TribForce 6diamondray 2

Let me know when you reach an agreement and send me a list of who is swapping teams and who the captains will be and I will take care of it.

Public Relations Administrator