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Player: United  Joedapro Subject: Forums Are Used.

2006-09-22 01:31:20
Ray, thank you. You totally prooved a very important point with me. We are the type who want to take part in forums. And, They are used, just not enough according to us. I really don't intend to speak on your behalf. But, being you agreed, that's why I feel i can represent on this important topic with you. But, I do want to reverse my original topic from the forums not being to being used. Wow. The jargon. I don't mean to be so full of myself. But, I am who I am. Thanks again though Ray and I will keep writing, commenting on and occasionally adding new topics to these very entertaining (at times) forums. Joe.-
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1United  Ray Duque 32006-09-22 15:52:59
Thanks too that you brought this up. I hope that they will write something in this forum.

Ray Duque III
New York City

2Portugal  viriol2006-09-24 11:29:52

3United  Ray Duque 32006-09-27 15:59:44
Yes, something. if not something, anything you like. Is that okay?-

4Canada  dsuttles2014-01-25 04:19:15
How about the blogs?-

5Canada  dsuttles2014-02-17 07:17:40
Thanks, Joe.

Coming soon

Larry\'s Puzzles, in LayZ Style\'s forum, \'Team: Masterminds\'


6Canada  dsuttles2014-02-20 15:22:38
It\'s Friday again. Larry is giving the answers to his chess puzzles on Saturdays. Last chance now, guys. Team forum: Masterminds -

7India  jaguar1002014-02-23 03:59:37
next week a good tv show Satyamev Jayate will start to be hosted by superstar AAmir khan. on sat. the show focusses on social issues . last year it exposed how some people do wrong , cheat others . some docters who r wrong were exposed as how they cheat people by giving expensive medicines, then a couple got married but the boy was killed bsce he was poor and belonged to a different caste and etc . the show is sure going to expose and disturb people who do wrong things-

8Canada  dsuttles2014-02-23 06:49:51
Any chance the boss will be on it?-

9Canada  dsuttles2014-02-23 07:10:15
New Saturday puzzle in Larry\'s team thread, \'Masterminds\', #38.-

10Canada  dsuttles2014-03-03 10:30:42
ChessHere now has not ONE but TWO puzzle masters, puzzlers

Check MoodyKnight\'s new puzzle in team \'Masterminds\'.

Quick, can you simplify to an end game in time pressure?

And can you solve LayZ Style\'s new puzzle (forum \'Puzzle#1\') before Saturday?

11Canada  cc14226285672014-03-03 23:56:50
One of the finest chess lectures you will ever see.Watch and learn !

12Canada  dsuttles2014-03-04 03:40:49
I don\'t need a time machine to agree with you, Windmill. A lecture in the true sense, more like sitting in on a real tutorial than watching a youtube video. Unsettling silences.

Varuzhan Akobian, Armenian American GM.

And, over in the Masterminds forum, kali-mera has posted a new puzzle plus this link to the 15th European Individual Championships, hosted by the Armenian Chess Federation (Tigran Petrosian Memorial)(Mar 3-14):

Found some good info and this charming clip there:

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