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Player: United  Joedapro Subject: Anything.

2006-09-27 21:25:52
Could someone write anything related to this topic. Here's a good one. Does anyone know somebody else in person who plays chess on this or another site? This may seem like a redundant question. However, it actually isn't. I'll explain why in a moment.-
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1International  Majnu2006-09-27 21:32:23
Yes, I know all my team members personaly.
(We play at the same chess club)

2United  Joedapro2006-09-27 21:34:53
Terrific. Yes! You don'y know what this means to me. Thank you so much. How many on the team? Let me guess. About 15?-

3United  JMNitsua2006-09-27 21:35:39
Joedapro I personally know of at least three persons that play chess on another site. They both belong to the same chess club that I was a member of in NY USA. The name of the site is the ICC Internet chess club. I am a member there It is one of if not the best site on the web in terms of strength with perhaps 40 GMs from all over the world and countless numbers of players it is not uncommon to find 500 to 750 players on line at the same time playing real time chess. it also costs $50 US per year. And is well worth it.-

4International  Majnu2006-09-27 22:16:19
6 on the team.
Joedapro, now I'm curious about why you find this terrific.

5United  Joedapro2006-09-28 01:43:27
Thanks to those who wrote a comment. I find this to be a very good way to learn about the different ways that chess influences others. When people give a comment on topics you write here (as I'm quite sure others would attest), it is a really terrific feeling. Any others know somebody else. Or even if you want to say anything else related to this topic of the same name! Please do. This is truly making me happier than anything else ever has!!! Thank you, thank you , thank you. By the way, I know of a few others who play online somewhere else, myself. I'm not sure if they are on teams. Please..more comments if you want.-

6United  Ray Duque 32006-09-28 15:42:47
I don't know what to say when you said "Anything". I'm comfused about it. Since you say "Anything" I will say "Anything".

I'm dancing the ballroom/latin dance often. I used to play basketball when I was younger. I used to appear in the movies as a bit player (extra) in 1960s. I'm retired. I'm living in New York City. I'm inviting you all to visit my web sites. That's it for now for "Anything".

Ray Duque III
New York City

7United  Joedapro2006-09-28 19:04:29
Thanks you. That's the idea. Ray, you must know someone else who plays on-line chess. Or could anyone else just say "Anything"? This is truly making my day here (in California where I live). This is the way we achieve the total satisfaction obtainable in these forums. Ray, I could picture you doing a more significant role than extra. Like maybe 5-10 minutes screen-time as a Ball Room dancer. And, I am being very sincere. In the same way, I could picture thousands of people commenting on whatever. And, the entire site of people here (as well as other chess sites reaping the rewards (these type of thing s happen online.) Why not we recieve some of the American Dream like this? Thanks again everyone. Please, could more state anything you want? I and many others will be looking forward to it! Good bye for now and talk to you later. Joe.-

8United  Ray Duque 32006-09-29 15:44:51
Joe, Good if I could have even that 5 to 10 minutes screen time especially if my name will be written on the screen too. Maybe you know sombody in the movie that you can recommend me.

Ray Duque III
New York City

9United  Joedapro2006-09-29 17:42:56
Yes, Ray, Yes. I know plenty of movie people, from executive producers to the stars, themselves. So, I'd be more than willing to propose such a film part for you and no one else. Thanks. I'll be in touch. Joe-

10United  Ishmael2006-09-29 22:42:44
What is 'the American Dream'?-

11United  Joedapro2006-09-30 00:19:15
To me...That picture of yours, with some Americans in the UK wishing they could be there more often. And, this one day becoming reality. Where is that anyway, Ishmael?-

12United  Ishmael2006-09-30 01:30:51
It's an oil refinery in Hampshire in the south of England. It was the piece in my graduation show , PeeP2005.
If you like that then maybe you'll like:

13United  Joedapro2006-09-30 19:10:31
I'm going to check that out, as I am quite fascinated with England. Thanks.-

14United  Ray Duque 32006-10-02 16:38:57

Joe, Thanks in advance if you can do it for me. I just want to tell you that I'm serious what I had told you.

I really want to be in the movie but the problem is I'm already old. I was not able to get a break when I was appearing as an extra in the movies when I was younger the more I will not get a break that I'm already old but if you are really going to help and recommend me I will go on to it.

Ray Duque III
New York City

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