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Player: United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Have you been influenced by a special person in your life?

2013-08-06 05:24:14
I remember being influenced by a great chess warrior who I knew as \'Pastor Brady\'. I played chess against this man when he was a minister starting around 1972. We were both Class A players at that time.

He was a Black man (that was what he preferred to be called regarding his race) and I am a Caucasian. I mention these things only to set the stage for my admiration of Pastor Brady.

We would often fly to International tournaments without either of us discussing our plans. This once led to our surprised meeting of each other at an International event. Around 800 players showed up from various countries. Anyways, can you imagine my surprise when we had to play each other in round 3? The game didn\'t even get started till 9:00 pm.

6 and 1/2 hours later after a gruesome battle of 106 moves he finally had to agree to a Draw!

The next day several people commented about how the \'two buddies from Flint, Michigan agreed to a friendly draw...\'

Well, we played chess together for 40 years! But the one thing that always sticks out in my mind is something he said to me once OTB before our game. He said:

\"I don\'t care if my opponent is Black, White or Yellow! I don\'t care if they believe in God or not... whether they are crippled or a superstar! When they sit down across from me on that chessboard, I just want to know ONE thing!

Can you play chess!?\"

I always admired that man for his attitude and the ability to not hold prejudice against anyone, regardless of their race or beliefs.

He passed away last year and last I heard he was a pawn up against God in a friendly game.

Ok, so that\'s a joke a mutural friend told me - not to create a thread about religion. I just wanted to share these feelings and I hope that there was or is someone in you life that you would like to talk about.

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1United  cc14928133342013-08-06 10:09:05
May he rest piecefully.-

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