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Player: United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member Subject: Brag in this post about your team!

2013-10-18 03:23:23
I will start it out and then the other captains can get free publicity by posting their messages.


We have a real IM on our team as well as two lovely ladies.

Everyone on the DUNE team is a very nice person. As the captain I do not allow anyone with a bad attitude to join our team.

If you are a nice person and are looking for a great team to join I recommend you try us out! Just apply for the DUNE team by clicking on my name and then on \'DUNE\'.

Okay captains, spout your team and why players should join it.
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1Philippines  LayZ StyleChessHere Silver Member2013-11-11 21:36:11
As the team captain of my team, I can say that I am very proud of my team Masterminds.

Looking at the line-up, I can say that we can very well match-up with any correspondence team that are currently active on this site! Most of the team\'s members are playing very actively and I really appreciate the effort that they\'re giving for this team so far. We may not be on top at the moment but given the opportunity, I can say that we will be the number one correspondence team on this site in due time.

I want to thank everyone on my team for being patient with me. I know that I can sometimes be unreasonable for giving them too many team games and sometimes against very strong opponents too, but I just want them to become strong and experience the joy of playing against those who are currently at the top!

I may not know each of my members personally and I don\'t care about the gender either; after the ups and downs that we\'ve experienced together and you still believing in the team, I know that you\'re all good guys and you\'re all are TOPS in my list of friends!

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