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Player: United  Joedapro Subject: Socializing For Better Chess.

2006-10-05 01:30:56
I just wanted people to know that socializing on-line creates a better appreciation for chess. That's what I presume has been happening for me.-
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1United  Ray Duque 32006-10-05 14:54:32
What kind of socializing on line you're talking about? Are you saying to post, say something at the forum? How could we socialize in here? I don't know if this is what you mean, Joe.

Ray Duque III
New York City

2United  Joedapro2006-10-05 23:34:32
Oh, an explanation is in order. Correct you are, Ray. And, I have to be honest. I just needed to post a forum topic. I merely wanted to socialize with whoever about whatever. It may seem a little odd. But, here's another reason. People who have played the blitz games against me know this to be a fact. I talk alot. I may be beating myself in some of those games. No, actually, I know I am losing certain games because of socializing too much during these (10 minute games are my favorite). This is why I'm doing htis here. So. when playing real-time blitz, I may balance out the need to talk while playing there. Now, does it make more sense to anyone?-

3Singapore  Branz2006-10-06 14:50:48
Uhhh.... So you mean to socialize = to talk alot and know your opponent better?-

4United  Joedapro2006-10-06 17:59:30
No. Not at all. Unless you and the other person consentially want to do that. But, another very good question, Branz. I will attempt another example of exactly what I mean. You and Ray, of course, answering this topic. Then me playing later helped me to not need to talk so much in the real time games with others. I, therefore, have noticed I am playing better games. So, just speaking on this or any other topic in these forums here helps to keep me feeling social enough once i get there. As I mentioned before, I love to talk alot. Especially on-line. It is very exciting. i've met people who are famous in far off places, as well as very descent average folk. So, I hope this answers the question for you and anyone else. Joe-

5Singapore  Branz2006-10-07 05:20:47

6International  URTV6662006-10-08 12:16:26
I'm afraid this isn't very possible that almost all chess players are nerds - they are socially awkward


7United  Joedapro2006-10-08 19:21:28
True. In fact, I've been told personally by certain people who I know play chess that when talking (socializing on any given subject) rather in the forums, in the messages where we contact each other and even those just chatting with team members, that even "nerds" speak. And, I happen to have proof of over a hundred people from this site alone. Now, if you, URTV, did the math, you would find that it is possible, has happened and shall continue on and on. It probably just took the right words being said for some people. Now, any more questions or comments? I love to keep up the "good spirit" involved. It should be helping others. And, the intended purpose of this topic was simply to help me to not need to talk so much during the blitz games. It's working somewhat. I just love to talk and talk and talk. I guess that's why I'm writing in these forums and contacting so many people. Whatever...It's so excting never the less. Joe-

8United  Ray Duque 32006-10-10 15:17:27
So we are already starting socializing here. Let's talk and at the same time play chess. If we could include dancing in this forum it's much better. Let's say also "Anything" like the topic that Joe posted at the other forum. I like to talk too but I don't know how to start.

Ray Duque III
New York City

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