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Player: United  rstanley Subject: To Players in the 2006 US Championship

2006-10-10 02:42:52
First, thanks to everyone that agreed to the early draws, and to one gentleman that resigned a game in which I had the advantage. My family medical situations (there were actually 2) are resolved - one positively, and unfortunatley, one very badly. In any event, I am now back and able to play chess again. I'm trying to play longer time controls now (ideally 15 days/move) so I don't run into any situations like I had several weeks ago. If anyone in the tournament would like to play me a 2-game match at those time controls, just email me and let me know.

Again, thanks to all.

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1International  Plexiprs2006-10-11 16:43:16
Sorry to hear that not everything worked out as well as you would like, my condolances. Glad that you are able to get back to playing!-