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Player: England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator Subject: Winter Olympics 2014

2014-02-02 10:51:20
Here goes for the Winter Olympics.
Everything looks dangerous !
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6Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-08 20:20:23
Canada rules at ice hockey. -

7Canada  cc14226285672014-02-14 22:16:05
so far so good.Going to get harder now-

8Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-02-14 23:14:33
I have to say I was heartened that a bug beat even Putin.

(Until I saw this

9Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-02-15 04:59:13

10England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-02-15 12:41:48
It`s kicked off Russia v USA-

11Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-15 16:56:43
USA won in the shootout; the best game in the tournament so far. However, these preliminaries do not mean much; you have to win when it counts. I knew this US team could rival with the Russians as they have all NHL players. The Russian defense is suspect, but what firepower up front! Any of the best teams can win gold on this kind of tournament; however Canada has the best team on paper. The only question mark is in the net and no country matches their defense.-

12Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member2014-02-15 17:03:03
Latvia - Martins Dukurs - silver in sceleton! And 4th place his brother Tomass Dukurs!-

13Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-15 17:46:31
Congratulations to your countryman Martins Dukurs and his brother - Being Canadian, I remember your goaltender Artūrs Irbe when he played for Russia\'s ice hockey team and in the NHL. -

14Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member2014-02-15 19:31:25

15England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-02-15 20:14:28
We (here) haven`t seen Canada in action yet. Must be in a different section to USA & Russia. They`ll all 3 qualify for later stages no doubt. Neither USA or Russia looked unbeatable today. Yeah Russian firepower means you`ll have get 4 to counter it. Their player that went in the sin bin twice...I`d drop him.-

16Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-15 21:09:15
Russia\'s defense looked weak compared to Canada. If they play the puck against skilled players, they will get burned. Their best defenseman is 34 year old Montreal Canadien Andrei Markov who would not have cracked the Canadian lineup. Most of them will get burned by the skilled Canadian offense. They were exposed today by the USA. No one dipsy doodles around the Canadian defense with his head down without paying the price. That why they got smoked in Vancouver.-

17Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-15 21:15:14
That why they got smoked in Vancouver; because of their weak & porous defense from the KHL.-

18Canada  cc14226285672014-02-16 14:58:57
Russians get lucky.Lousy officiating-

19Canada  cc14226285672014-02-16 15:34:56
Can the Dutch skate or what !!!-

20Netherlands  Koning WillemII2014-02-16 17:23:15
haha you are right windmill, your former country gained another 3 medals today!!
1500 meters Ireen Wust (silver)she is from my home town Tilburg.
The Netherlands curently nr.2 in the medals ranking. how about that!!!!!!

21Canada  cc14226285672014-02-16 17:27:01
Amazing !!! I am feeling very proud-

22Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-16 20:24:35
The Dutch are having an amazing winter Olympics. These small countries like Norway as well are just fantastic. -

23England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-02-21 16:07:55
Canada ladies throw everyone including the goal minder into attack to pull round a 2-1 defeat into a draw and win it in extra `golden `goal` time.
Agonising to see the puck heading all the way up the rink towards Canadas empty net...and hit the post.
Gold for Canada

24Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-02-21 17:15:16
What\'s all this nonsense about Russia giving themselves an unfair first ever gold in figure skating? 1.5 million lemmings have to be wrong.-

25Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-02-21 17:34:28
It\'s like a village fete, isn\'t it?-

26Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-02-21 17:39:53

27Canada  cc14226285672014-02-21 17:44:55
Any sport that has judges involved is always open to controversy-

28Canada  cc14226285672014-02-23 15:02:33
Canada wins GOLD in men\'s hockey !!!-

29Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-23 16:17:58
What more can be said about the Dutch and Norway and their amazing performances at the winter Olympics given their small populations ? - WOW

I am also awesome proud of our Canadian athletes. The GOLDmedal in ice hockey is the cherry on the cake for us Canadians. We take our hockey seriously.

Now for me and my friend Windmill, let Carey Price bring his winning ways to our Montreal Canadiens

30Canada  cc14226285672014-02-23 17:31:59
Nice to see the smaller countries doing so well.Now if the Dutch could only win the World Cup this summer all would be well !
I think the defense had a lot to do with Canada winning the gold.They just played excellent through out the tournament.P K didn\'t see much action but he\'s a bit too offensive minded and didn\'t fit in with Babcocks system I think.Price was solid through out.
Our friend DSuttles should be elated as well seeing he is Canadian.

31Latvia  verns2ChessHere Gold Member2014-02-23 17:38:43
4 man bobsleigh - Latvia 2th place!-

32Canada  cc14226285672014-02-23 18:46:00
Latvia has a good hockey team-

33England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-02-25 12:51:39
With 4 medals (1 gold) team GB equalled their best effort for 90 years -

34Canada  HenriDeToi2014-02-27 11:53:00
Latvia is the only team that scored a goal against Canada from the quarterfinals on. What a performance by their goaltender - I think Canada had the best defense squad ever put together on a team and Team Canada showed the best display of team play that I have ever seen in a long time. I liked Coach Nike Babcock\'s comment after the Olympics: \"Does anybody know who won the scoring championship - Does anybody care - Does anybody know who won the Gold Medal - See you guys\" - And he left.-

35Canada  cc14226285672014-02-28 00:16:15

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