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Player: Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator Subject: The other game

2014-02-08 14:11:17
Tragedy. Liverpool 5-0 Arsenal, 51 minutes. Please make them stop.-
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89Canada  cc14226285672014-06-22 14:15:16
I think it\'s time people stop jumping all over Rooney.The guy played his heart out.He deserves better.\"hup Holland hup\"-

90Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-06-22 22:56:43
\'...there are too many pull-outs, it seems to be everyone has got an excuse, and I can tell you when I was at Tottenham, when full internationals came around, there were two or three players who did not want to play for England.

\'They would come to me 10 days before the game and say: ‘Gaffer, get me out of that game, I don’t want to play in that game.’ That was how it was. I’d say: ‘You’re playing for your country, you should want to play.’
\'‘Nah, my girlfriend is having a baby in four weeks, I don’t want to play’ and that is the truth, so it makes you wonder. And I think it’s only going to get worse. You see the stick the England players get and they come home, they’re earning fantastic money at their clubs, they’re all playing in the Champions League. They think: ‘Do we need the aggro?”’

- \'Arry Redknapp, talking to BBC Radio 5

I can see their point, actually. Internationals are about as exciting and relevant as Miss World or the Eurovision Song Contest. Anyone else think so?

91Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-06-22 23:16:39
I mean, top flight games are international anyway, so what is the point of sending everyone home every couple of years and then beating yourself up if they don\'t deliver?-

92England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-06-23 08:51:31
Poor old Rooney. Lost his strike form long time ago. Rather than sell him Fergurson dropped him back as a link man for the new strikers...Ronaldo, Nistelroy. Amboling around in front of midfield has suited him very well. He can imagine he is the master play maker. Now he loses the ball regularly, his heart isn`t in it...if he thinks we wont win the cup he`s not going to burst a gut...if he could.
Now we are at the ridiculous level of around 30% premier league players eligible for the national team. This will be changed with new rulings ( he says dreamily ).
Internationals are not prestige games anymore. Qualifying games are against countries there to make the numbers up. The break up of the USSR has created an army of new countries not seen since the days of Napoleon. Friendly internationals are just fashion parades where every new kid on the block gets his 10 min to strut his stuff ( 6 subsstitutes lol ) and let us seee how many new tatoos he`s got. Not really worth getting out of bed for, for a serious contender, if it means you might get injured, just play one half, just be part of a circus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Oh, we learned a lot this evening \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" the coach always says. BS. I dont watch them anymore, and the new Wembley plays half-full.

Thank god for this World Cup fiesta at Brazil. I haven`t enjoyed watching football so much since I dont know when !. Go USA !

93Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-06-24 06:17:54
I am waiting for the young players to come through the Canadian academies.-

94Canada  cc14226285672014-06-24 13:06:48
By Rob Harris

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — As England endures its worst World Cup for more than 50 years, Wayne Rooney wants his teammates to remember the pain of this debacle.

Less than a week into its Brazil campaign, England is already out of contention after losses to Italy and Uruguay. Not since 1958 had England failed to make it to the second round of a World Cup it qualified for.

“It’s vital we take the pain we are feeling now and remember that and the next tournament we don’t want to feel that again,” Rooney said Saturday.

“Obviously we are hurting,” the striker added. “We are really disappointed to be out of the tournament. I am sure you can imagine it’s quite tough, a long few days for us.”

The players will sign off with a Group D finale against surprise leader Costa Rica on Tuesday when Rooney wants the team’s pride restored.

“These next few days will be tough, but we have to be strong together as a team,” Rooney said. “We have to make sure we are positive for the next game.”

For goalkeeper Joe Hart, England’s 2-1 losses in Brazil are his worst moments in football.

“It’s a strange empty feeling,” Hart said. “This is ultimately really cruel and gutting for me.”

Roy Hodgson is set to remain in charge going forward, with the Football Association asking the coach to see out his contract to the 2016 European Championship. And Rooney can see progress under Hodgson, who took charge before Euro 2012.

“He has brought a great enthusiasm to the team … Roy is the man to take us forward,” Rooney said. “We appreciate what he has done for us. He has changed the way we have played.”

95Canada  HenriDeToi2014-06-24 19:26:25
Netherlands sure look good and must make my friend Windmill very happy.-

96England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-06-25 11:37:36
Thank you windmill. Unfortunately over the last few years, like our politicians, our football media reps open their mouths and I just dont hear them, I dont understand them. They sound like beggars. The games up. Theres a famous quote from the bible I think, about speaking in foreign tongues.

I agree with the above post as well. The Dutch team are playing very well. I thought Arjen Robben had his last tourney at the European tourney 2 years ago but he is simply electric. With Van Persie available again they will be the buzz of Dutch supporters and a reminder how good a team they usually are. Looking forward as the competition hots up.


97Portugal  viriol2014-06-25 18:46:18
Disheartening Portuguese draw. I was still cautiously hopeful after the game, thinking \"we should win just to shut the commentators\"... But now Ronaldo has put up the speech of a loser,and I\'m thinking \"we should win just to shut the players\"... It\'s hard if they don\'t believe. We have gotten out of worse. Fortunately it seems some players still have some fight left in them.-

98Portugal  viriol2014-06-25 18:50:55
That being said, it is interesting how poorly european teams have been performing. I guess the climate has been more of a factor than anticipated.

I mean, I blamed Spain\'s demise on fatigue, and I think that is correct. But Italy and England too... Plus the little ones like Portugal... I wouldn\'t put my money on another european except for those sturdy germans. I\'m not sure about the dutch, but even though they play nicely I fear they may not live through the whole thing.

99Portugal  viriol2014-06-25 21:55:16
There goes France... One more non-european team :P-

100Canada  HenriDeToi2014-06-25 23:44:28
There goes France... One more non-european team :P -

101Canada  HenriDeToi2014-06-26 22:56:29
@ # 93; do you think this little Canadian can cut it

102Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-06-27 13:10:23
Actually he is the very one I am waiting for. Can he play in goal as well?

# 87

103Canada  HenriDeToi2014-06-27 13:56:15
He can, but he is more of a Messi type, with a low center of gravity and very quick.-

104Netherlands  Koning WillemII2014-06-27 21:18:40
just arrived in Fortaleza for the Mexico game.
Counting on your support Windmill
You will recognize me by my orange shirt!!!

105Portugal  viriol2014-06-29 19:47:53
Apparently someone got mad at my comment about France? Please let me know when you are offended about something I say. I meant no offense to anybody, it\'s just a common joke in Portugal to talk of the French team as a United African Nations team or similar. Still, it is true that when discussing adaptability to climate they might be more african than your average european team (even Portugal, which has close ties with african nations). Still, I reinforce, I meant no offense - although I am rooting against them because they have been mean to Portugal a few times :(-

106Portugal  viriol2014-06-29 19:59:50
So let\'s talk 1/8s!!!

Brazil almost didn\'t make it! For some reason they\'re clinging to the statement that Hulk\'s goal was valid - I confess I haven\'t seen the replay, but I hear it was a clear hand on the ball.

As I was hoping, Colombia ran over Uruguay - although they were deserving the 2-1. BTW, why the heck are they so scandalised by what happened to Suarez? He\'s BITTEN a guy for the THIRD time! Grow up - I mean, in Portugal we\'re blaming Pepe for having allowed a ref to make what I still think was a poor decision (I\'ve seen clear aggressions go unpunished in this cup, including in the Portugal-USA match), and you\'re blaming FIFA for punishing something like that harshly?

I was initially rooting against Mexico, but during the game they proved they deserved my support. After an aggressive dutch entry they got the upper hand in the game, fully deserved their goal, then got passive and deserved to suffer the draw, but they never deserved to lose. They deserved the extra time, which would probably have benefitted them (climate!)... That\'s just football\'s cruelty.

I\'m looking forward to knowing the outcome of Greece vs Costa Rica. I want Fernando Santos to keep going, but I also want Costa Rica to keep surprising! So I\'ll just support the victor!

107Portugal  viriol2014-06-29 20:00:38
BTW, my theory is that season 5 of Game of Thrones is already on - they\'re just calling it FIFA world cup 2014!-

108Canada  HenriDeToi2014-06-29 23:41:29
Netherlands in the quarterfinals-

109Canada  HenriDeToi2014-06-30 20:58:16
France in the quarters-

110Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-07-01 13:27:09
Man of the tournament?

111Portugal  viriol2014-07-02 18:30:44
Algeria played a magnificent game. Truly touching. Who would say that Haliche plays in a secondary Portuguese team? Who would say Slimani is a substitute in the most fragile and indebted great Portuguese team? Who could tell one of those guys played in the second division in England? A game like I haven\'t seen in ages! Players literally playing until their last bit of strength! (Haliche\'s breathtaking interception and subsequent substitution!) Sure, Germany deserved the win, but the opposite result wouldn\'t have been unfair before the extra time!-

112Portugal  viriol2014-07-02 18:33:46
@110: James was the star in Porto for a while, he\'s a great player, but he still needs to grow. That being said, if Colombia goes far he does risk being the man of the tournament!

Belgium ended up improving the odds for Europe (they deservedit, but if USA had a \"matador\" striker they probably would have been the ones to go home). Still, is it not amazing how even all games were this stage?!(I\'ll leave referee criticism out of this for now)

113Canada  HenriDeToi2014-07-05 22:58:40
The Dutch are clutch-

114Canada  cc14226285672014-07-06 02:47:30
Whew !!!,that was close-

115Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-07-07 14:56:21
Louis van Gaal will take charge at Manchester United as soon as Holland’s World Cup campaign ends – official.-

116Portugal  viriol2014-07-08 21:05:52
Van Gaal news are old - known since before the cup.

Watching Brazil right now... 5-0 at the moment... One the one hand I\'m sorry for Brazil, on the other hand I feel better about Portugal\'s loss now...

117England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-07-09 09:36:43
Van Gaal was set for Tottenham...a team he was fond of when he was young. The Man U job came up and the rest is history. The head rules the heart in big time football. Tottenham signed Southamptons manager who has impressed at Southampton. I cant remember his name but he uses an interpreter, a sign of the times.

The accident waiting to happen happened.
Brazil 1-7 Germany.

118England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-07-09 09:39:57
Argentina are also an accident waiting to happen............

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