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Player: Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator Subject: The other game

2014-02-08 14:11:17
Tragedy. Liverpool 5-0 Arsenal, 51 minutes. Please make them stop.-
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29Canada  cc14226285672014-03-30 16:04:03
Brendan looks pleased-

30Canada  cc14226285672014-04-02 18:43:52
Updated: April 2, 2014 10:33 AM | By Rob Harris, The Associated Press,
Barcelona banned from signing players for a year


Barcelona banned from signing players for a year

FC Barcelona\'s coach Gerardo Tata Martino, from Argentina, attends a press conference at the Sports Center FC Barcelona Joan Gamper in San Joan Despi, Spain, Monday, March 31, 2014.FC Barcelona will face Atletico Madrid in a first leg quarter-final Champions League soccer match on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)

Barcelona was banned by FIFA from signing any new players for next season after being found guilty on Wednesday of repeatedly breaching transfer regulations.

The heavy sanction, which covers the summer and January transfer windows, followed an investigation over the past year into the Spanish champion\'s signing of players under the age of 18 from 2009 to 2013.

FIFA found the signing of 10 un-named players to be in breach of its rules covering the protection of minors. A fine of 450,000 Swiss francs ($509,000) was also imposed on Barcelona, which was given 90 days \"to regularize the situation of all minor players concerned.\"

The Spanish Football Federation was also found by the world governing body to have violated the rules covering the registration of minors and fined 500,000 Swiss francs ($565,500).

Further details of the case were not provided, but Barcelona said in February 2013 that FIFA had sent a communication instructing it not to select six players who are under 18 for its youth matches — South Korea\'s Lee Seung Woo, Paik Seung-Ho and Jang Gyeolhee, Theo Chendri of France, Nigerian-Dutchman Bobby Adekanye and Patrice Sousia of Cameroon.

The international transfer of players under the age of 18 can only go through if their parents move to the country for non-football reasons. Players between 16 and 18 can move within Europe if certain standards of education and living conditions are met.

The punishment, which prevents Barcelona from signing any players until the summer of 2015, leaves recent agreements with Borussia Monchengladbach goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Croatian teenager Alen Halilovic to join the club in July in limbo.

Barcelona, which has not commented on the sanctions, has three working days to inform FIFA of an intention to appeal and then a further week to provide its reasons for challenging the punishment.

Premier League club Chelsea had a one-year transfer embargo imposed after being found by FIFA to have induced teenager Gael Kakuta to leave Lens, but it was overturned in 2010 by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

FIFA tightened its rules on transferring minors in 2010, to help end what global players\' union FIFPro described as the equivalent of \"child trafficking.\" FIFA sought to close loopholes which allowed clubs and agents to bring youngsters to Europe on the promise of getting a lucrative contract, only to abandon them without a job or education.

In the Barcelona case, FIFA stressed the \"interest in protecting the appropriate and healthy development of a minor as a whole must prevail over purely sporting interests.\"

\"The disciplinary committee emphasized that the protection of minors in the context of international transfers is an important social and legal issue that concerns all stakeholders in football,\" FIFA said in a statement. \"Above all, the committee highlighted that while international transfers might, in specific cases, be favourable to a young player\'s sporting career, they are very likely to be contrary to the best interests of the player as a minor.\"

Barcelona potentially needs to sign a replacement goalkeeper, with Victor Valdes out of contract at the end of the season and ruled out for seven months this week following knee surgery. Gerard Pique is in need of an assured partner in central defence with the impending retirement of Carles Puyol.

The FIFA case threatens to further damage the image of a Catalan football institution that is owned by its members and prides itself as being \"more than a club\". It is currently grappling with the fallout from last year\'s signing of the 22-year-old Neymar.

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell abruptly quit in January as he fights a lawsuit alleging he misappropriated funds by hiding the real cost of Neymar\'s signing from Brazilian club Santos. In February, Barcelona paid 13.55 million euros (then $18.6 million) to Spanish tax authorities to cover any potential irregularities over the transfer, while maintaining its innocence of fraud charges.

31Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-04-19 07:04:49
96 dead, 25 years on. Hard to imagine a more emotional moment in football than this.

Massive result, too.

Liverpool hosted and beat league favourites Manchester City and won.

With just four games to go, only Mourinho now can deny the Reds their nineteenth league title and first in twenty-four years, surely?

32Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-04-23 21:00:59
Surely not. Mourinho\'s Chelsea squad only lost to Sunderland at home, didn\'t they?

First home defeat for Jose in 77 games with the club, so now he is threatening to concentrate on Europe and and gift Liverpool the title by fielding his B-side in their all-important head-to-head on Sunday, to the fury of the home league FA and would-be hopefuls Machnester City.

Love him or hate him, there is never a dull day with Mourinho-ho-ho.


33England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-04-23 21:39:34
Theres something poignantly sad about all the speculation following Moyles sacking at Man Utd. They`re going to get this manager/that manager, going to spend x amounts of hundreds of millions rebuilding.

They wont be able to ( wishfully ) qualify for european football for at least 18 months.

Average team, no prospects, I cant imagine the top players will be queuing up to join them.

Will someone break it to their fans that they`re just another team now.

On Shakespears 450th anniversary
\" A horse, a horse
My kingdom for a horse \"

34Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-04-24 02:00:11
And is there a top manager queuing to sign?

Does look grim, but not as bad as for Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. With loadsa money for the summer and Sir ALex Rednose on the board, the Red Devils are no more \'just another side\' than Liverpool have been through all their years of drought. If Hull City win through next season (by then rebranded Huill Tigers in a bid to sell more shirts worldwide than other City scum Manchester City, Stoke City, Swansea City, Norwich City, Cardiff City and soon-to-be-promoted Leicester City), people will walk away from their beers in disgust. When Liverpool lift the cup in May, the reactions will be measured on the Richter Scale, and the same goes if Manchester United win next.

But hey it\'s Christmas in April, and how fitting the fixture which sealed Moyes\'s fate was a home defeat to his very own Toffees in blue, Everton. With his away defeat to them in December, he handed the side he nurtured for nine years their first league double over Manchester United in 44 years. He must be feeling very proud.

35Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-11 13:22:29
You would be heartless if you didn\'t wish the Hammers well at the Emirates and Magpies ill at the Kop today of all days.-

36Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-12 09:13:39
Whoops a daisy, Liverpool drop the cup.

Manchester City win.

37Canada  HenriDeToi2014-05-13 14:13:28
Who do you think os the best football player in the world right now-

38Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-15 19:11:52
Difficult question, Henri. You\'ve got me wondering. Who is the best tennis player?-

39Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-15 19:12:16
Hockey player?-

40Russian  kai20112014-05-16 16:25:39
dsuttles: Surely Vasilevskyi - young Russian goalkeeper-

41Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-17 04:04:01
@ Henri #37

\'It is not enough to be a good player. You must also play well.\'

- Siegbert Tarrasch

(Still wondering.)

@ kai2011,


42Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-17 11:33:08
There is still one laugh before the carnival in Brazil for dedicated followers of football.

Can Arsenal, under Arsène Wenger, the current granddad of the BPL, or \'the specialist in failure\' as Mourinho calls him, beat underdogs Hull City in the FA Cup final at tea-time today and end nine years with nothing to show? Will the Frenchman be so embarrassed, he moves to Monaco? Or will he rub salt in Mourinho\'s wounds now the Chelsea boss, for all his talk, has failed in everything?

Wenger\'s Wembley wins, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005

43Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-18 01:45:27
All together now ... ahhhh!

44Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-18 08:52:10

I am not sure I know what (skill, intelligence, mentality, strength, etc) makes even a good player, but the popular choices for best footballer in the world are 1) Lionel Messi (Barcelona), 2) Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), and 3) Luis Suarez (Liverpool).

If the people are right, here is a clip of the best player in the world standing still.

A draw on the last day of the season yesterday was enough for visitors Atlético to defeat his side\'s defence of the Spanish league title, breaking a ten-year duopoly by Barcelona and Real.

Who is the best sportsman or sportswoman in the world?

45Russian  kai20112014-05-21 16:03:47
@ dsuttles
If you tap financial success, no doubt Michael Jordan - the first athlete who has earned a BILLION dollars

46Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-24 02:13:45
On those grounds, atomic flea Messi (net worth $115 million) is less than a quarter the sportsman that this chap ($500 million) is.

Put that in your pipe, Magnus.

47Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-24 06:29:41
There will be \'uma adrenalina especial\' at the Estádio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal, today, when Atlético Madrid, fresh from their Spanish championship triumph and with losers Barcelona\'s applause still ringing in their ears, face Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final.

«Simeone é un deus; seguiriámoslle ata para saltar dunha ponte»

- Tiago Mendes, Portuguese midfielder, Atlético de Madrid

If you like show-offs, here is Real Madrid\'s Portuguese midfield, Cristiano Ronaldo, after he scored his fifteenth in the competition in the semi against Bayern Munich, overhauling Messi\'s record for Barcelona.

48England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-05-24 08:37:48
...and Gareth Bayles first season at Real since dumping Spurs.
ps Look away if Ronaldo scores lest you be turned to stone.

49Russian  kai20112014-05-24 13:43:26
Guys! Sorry! \"The other game\" means only football, I apologize, soccer of course!!!
Good choice! but I prefer SNOOKER!

50Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-26 14:25:47
The other game is the other game is the other game is the other game is the other game, Sergey.

Snooker, eh?

51Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-26 14:57:49
Qui est à Roland-Garros?-

52Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-26 15:36:23
And the 2014 Cooper\'s Hill Gloucestershire cheese race winner is a local, Josh Shepherd, 19, unemployed, from Gloucester

53Canada  HenriDeToi2014-05-26 19:50:23
@ # 51: \"MOI\"-

54Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-26 20:09:21
Qu\'est-ce qui se passe?-

55Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-26 20:10:35
( Oh, er, if you didn\'t see Ronaldo cherry because you looked away ... )-

56England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-05-27 11:36:11
Foootballs come a long way since the modest handshake if your team-mates were overcome with joy at a spectacular goal.
Stanley Mathews would have been committed to an assylum if he`d have ripped his shirt off and paraded around pretending to be the incredible hulk.

The girls might like it but it leaves me wanting to throw a brick through the television screen.

57England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-05-28 10:40:16
Not long now

58Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-05-28 13:27:07
What\'s he doing at 6:59?-

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