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Player: Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator Subject: The other game

2014-02-08 14:11:17
Tragedy. Liverpool 5-0 Arsenal, 51 minutes. Please make them stop.-
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1Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-14 15:57:37
Late game on Sunday, Spurs v Arsenal.-

2Canada  HenriDeToi2014-03-14 16:21:18
Maybe Arsenal should sign uop this kid?

3Canada  cc14226285672014-03-16 00:16:57
Brazil June 2014
Brilliant Orange

4Canada  cc14226285672014-03-16 01:11:02
Group A
Brazil Brazil
Croatia Croatia
Mexico Mexico
Cameroon Cameroon

Group B
Spain Spain
Netherlands Netherlands
Chile Chile
Australia Australia

Group C
Colombia Colombia
Greece Greece
Côte d\'Ivoire Côte d\'Ivoire
Japan Japan

Group D
Uruguay Uruguay
Costa Rica Costa Rica
England England
Italy Italy

Group E
Switzerland Switzerland
Ecuador Ecuador
France France
Honduras Honduras

Group F
Argentina Argentina
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Iran Iran
Nigeria Nigeria

Group G
Germany Germany
Portugal Portugal
Ghana Ghana

Group H
Belgium Belgium
Algeria Algeria
Russia Russia
Korea Republic Korea Republic

5Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-16 06:38:01
Great place to have a World Cup -

6England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-16 12:56:28
Thank you Henri, I`m sure Arsenal scouts are aware. They are close to signing a striker however.......!

7Canada  cc14226285672014-03-18 15:34:58
Not the best place dsuttles.Holland would be better-

8Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-18 16:06:19
Maybe next time, Windmill.

Henri, that kid #2 is on the same page as Rooney. He must be proud as punch. How\'s his chess coming along?

9Canada  HenriDeToi2014-03-18 21:21:49
When I see this kid, he either plays, practices or talks soccer. I should bring up his chess game next time I see him. -

10Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-22 09:10:59
You would have to have a heart of stone not to to feel delight for Arsene Wenger, who today celebrates his 1,000th game in charge of Arsenal Football Club, wouldn\'t you?

He received a tiny golden cannon yesterday from the gunners chairman to mark his achievement. Sir Chips Keswick said, \'I hope it gives you as much pleasure as the years of football have given everybody else.\'

He faces off against Chelsea after lunch today in what he says is \'the game of the season\'.

11England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-22 10:55:44
It`s a shame Theo Walcott wont be at the World cup. Injured while playing against Spurs. -

12Canada  cc14226285672014-03-22 14:27:21
SAO PAULO (AP) Bellini, Brazil\'s captain when it won its first World Cup in 1958, died on Thursday from complications following a heart attack. He was 83.

The Hospital 9 de Julho confirmed Bellini\'s death in a statement.

The central defender became widely known for being the first captain to raise the World Cup trophy above his head as a symbol of triumph. The gesture became immortalized with a statue of Bellini in front of Maracana Stadium.

He had a heart attack on Tuesday and had been hospitalized since then. Local media said he had also been suffering from Alzheimer\'s.

Bellini also won the 1962 World Cup and appeared in the 1966 tournament. He played for Brazilian clubs Vasco da Gama, Sao Paulo and Atletico Paranaense.

13Canada  HenriDeToi2014-03-22 14:38:03
Heh Windmill; I know you have Dutch origin, but you seem to know a lot about Soccer for a Canadian. The game is picking up in Canada which is great. Wonderful sport-

14England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-22 15:07:06
Not much of a 100th game celebration for Wenger and Arsenal. They lost 6-0 to Chelsea.-

15Canada  cc14226285672014-03-22 16:39:58
hi Henri.Canada has a long way to go but the sport is growing here.Still have 4 feet of snow in my front yard.Spring is late arriving-

16Canada  HenriDeToi2014-03-22 17:00:51
It seems like spring is never going to arrive. I\'m told that minor hockey registrations are down in Canada in favour of soccer. Hockey is very expensive while soccer is cheap. Hockey is now a rich kid sport. There are good soccer instructors from Europe in Canada now promoting soccer. -

17Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-23 04:01:16
It\'s a funny game, Henri.

18Canada  HenriDeToi2014-03-23 17:12:04
We aslo have interviews like this pertaining to ice hockey in Canada. Too funny-

19England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-24 14:42:33
Maybe hockey and football seasons wont clash in Canada.
When the ground gets too hard in the winter months through the cold it`s too dangerous to play football. Soon as the mud churns up it`ll be like razor blades when it freezes.

20Canada  HenriDeToi2014-03-24 17:08:36
They play indoors in Canada until the spring.-

21Canada  cc14226285672014-03-28 19:49:38
I can remember playing it in grade 6 school league in 1959.It\'s grown a bit since then.-

22England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-28 22:10:23
You have to divorce yourself from the David Beckhams who promote the game from the top down and the premier leagues where the spotlight falls. Most football is played in the Sat/Sun leagues over on the playing fields at the mercy of the elements.
Still, without the promoters of big time football the game wont take off to the extent of getting it on the schools curriculums.
Trooping over to the parks pitches for 2 hrs a week. Probables v possibles on one pitch and the kick`n`rush merchants on the other.
Fun in the mud.

23Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-29 03:02:47
The Manchester United manager will face a protest during today\'s lunchtime meeting with Aston Villa, when a plane hired by fans will fly over Old Trafford, just before kick-off and for the first 15 minutes of play, displaying a banner reading \'Wrong One – Moyes Out\'. -

24England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-29 20:48:41
Holland national teams coach Louis Van Gaal is stepping down after the world cup and will be coming to Spurs. Guus Hiddink replaces him.-

25Canada  cc14226285672014-03-30 01:51:05
Hiddink is a fine coach with some wonderful credentials.He did such a fine job with South Korea in the 2002 World Cup.This can only help the Dutch.-

26England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-30 11:15:12
He`ll have Van Nistelrooy as assistant.
Englands team coach is expected to go
out to pasture after the world cup. Surprisingly the forward line up are all
hitting top form for their teams with goal avalanches becoming frequent!.
Lvpl v Spurs today

27Canada  dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2014-03-30 12:59:35
Big game?-

28England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2014-03-30 15:07:18
Always is. The red machine is back.-

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