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Player: Canada  dsuttles Subject: The space on your bookshelf

2014-02-11 02:19:54
Is there a book you would like to own, but do not?

Or an e-book?

Is it a luxury edition? A manual? A biography? A classic? Something that has piqued your interest in the forums or a review somewhere? Please tell us.
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27Canada  dsuttles2014-02-11 06:56:10
D\'oh, I forgot to say \'chess\'.

I am almost glad I didn\'t, Anzarbond. That is a great choice. Malala, born 1997, blogger, activist in northwest Pakistan, banned from school, shot, still campaigning, still studying. Good luck to her. What spirit.

You might make new friends with your choice of a complete opening book, Baggy_Gee.

You have reminded me of a modest opening book that captured my heart. I owned it, lost it, and felt headless: \'Opening Repertoire for the Positional Player\', by Eduard Gufeld and Nikolai Kalinichenko.


28Canada  dsuttles2014-02-11 14:37:11
Good grief. I don\'t suppose there is a space on your bookshelf, is there?

29Canada  dsuttles2014-02-13 18:02:27
The one problem with that book, Anzarbond, is that every time you turn a page, it falls out. This may explain why your friend has not returned your book.

30Canada  dsuttles2014-02-14 04:02:15
I don\'t understand the title (\'neurotic\'), but it sounds a good read. Might ask you about that later.

Chess book you do not have, but want?

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