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Player: Singapore  Branz Subject: Animes

2006-10-14 10:53:31
Does anyone know any website that can watch animes online (besides youtube.)?-
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1United  Rose_Woman27832006-10-16 23:01:26
I don't know of any. Try googling it. I'm sure you'll find something there... after skimming threw about 10 or 20 pages. Patience is key when using google. ( is pretty good too). Just wondering, but what anime are you looking for, Branz?-

2Singapore  Branz2006-10-18 09:50:42
I searching websites where I can watch animes online for free.-

3International  URTV6662006-10-18 12:15:07
I use BitTorrent to download fansubs.-

4United  Rose_Woman27832006-10-18 23:58:26
Oh so you're not looking for any anime in specific then. I'm sure there are websites were you can watch anime. I know plays anime. Just brouse around there and I'm sure you'll find something. plays 'some' anime too. Go to and click adultswim fix. They play comedy too.-

5United  Ishmael2006-10-19 01:02:23
I did a quick search for FLCL and found a site very similar to YouTube called Daily Motion ( which had some anime.-

6Singapore  Branz2006-10-19 12:00:41
Thanks all.-

7United  Rose_Woman27832006-10-20 04:12:25
I love that show FLCL. The best 6 episode series I've ever seen. Lol. I really like the music by The Pillows. I've bought the OST: 1 and 2. I've been unable to find the third one though. -

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