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Player: Virgin  racketeer_66 Subject: Long Live Vlad Kramnik, Unified Chess Champion!

2006-10-14 14:06:25
Aside from the Toiletgate the battle was dramatic, intense and thrilling! Congratulations for Kramo, and congratulations for Toppy!
Kramo has won in style: he was rock-solid, mentally stable, and went for his chances remorseless.
Toppy has fought like a lion, all credit to him for his heart, creartivity and no-nonsense - style and for always taking the risk and going for the win.
Loosing such an epic battle in a tiebreak does not seem to be the proper method to tell the difference between two genuine champions- but there had to be a way to decide.
FIDE should work out a solution to secure a place for Toppy, because he (and not Danailov) deserves it!
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1United  rstanley2006-10-14 18:57:08
How does the next championship round work? Will there be a match of someone against Kramnik in the future, or has FIDE decided on a tournament like San Luis again, with Kramnik in it?-

2Poland  Mekk2006-10-14 19:21:32
FIDE plans next round-robin, in Mexico. Qualifications are in progress, candidate matches are expected to be played (although recenty there are some doubts).

It is quite interesting question, whether Kramnik would play. If not, we would have two champiosn again.

3United  rstanley2006-10-15 15:40:36
If Kramnik plays in the "final" tournament, then the match that he just won is meaningless, because Kramnik's rating would have gotten him into the Mexico final tournament anyway.

I heard that the loser of the match would be barred from playing in the Mexico tournament, so Topalov would be out. Please tell me I misinterpreted this.

Maybe FIDE can start holding 10 round "top-100" Swiss tournaments every few months to determine the world champion??? I see why the PCA was formed now...

4Netherlands  itamouji2006-10-24 10:25:43
you're correct that topalov can't play the world championship because he lost this match. the Fide probably thought topalov would win this world championship and kramnik wouldn't have a chance to defend his title. i guess the fide will find a way to make sure topalov can play for the worldchampionship next time, because he supported the current president of the fide in his election againt Kok.-

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