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Player: Canada  dsuttles Subject: Chess News

2014-03-12 22:34:07
What\'s happening?
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32Canada  dsuttles2014-03-13 16:04:46
Yes, first day, Anand changes the script, beats Aronian. Good game?

33Canada  dsuttles2014-03-14 13:00:31
Good day for chess news today.

34Canada  dsuttles2014-03-14 15:49:06
Is it my imagination, or is this event special?

35Canada  dsuttles2014-03-16 09:07:16
It\'s old news now, but ... Topalov got a draw with white against Aronian for his birthday yesterday.

Rest day today. I wonder what they are all doing? After 3 days:

1 Viswanathan Anand - 2.5 pts - 2.75 S-B
2 Peter Svidler - 2 pts - 2.5 pts S-B
2 Vladimir Kramnik - 2 pts - 2.5 S-B
4 Veselin Topalov - 1.5 pts - 2.25 S-B
4 Levon Aronian - 1.5 pts - 1.25 S-B
6 Dmitry Andreikin - 1 pts - 1.5 S-B
6 Sergey Karjakin - 1 pts - 1.5 S-B
8 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov - 0.5 pts - 0.75 S-B

36Canada  dsuttles2014-03-16 11:59:05
Anand deserves star billing at this stage (2.5/3, black twice).

On his rest day plans:

\'Yesterday I tried going for a walk in the evening, but the snow was quite heavy, at least for poor Indian boys.\'

37Canada  dsuttles2014-03-18 23:51:33
So, very tight in the top four.

I had Aronian to win after his win against Svidler yesterday. The eyes of the world were all on their game, as it played out to five hours. Chesstv (thanks for the recommendation, Windmill) had nice commentary. Chess expertise not essential to follow the soap / drama. The pgn doesn\'t do it justice, but here it is.


The post-game interviews were fascinating, too. The loser hogged the mic. Aronian was so modest, it looked like he hadn\'t even taken part. Serious contender to beat Carlsen in the cool stakes, I was thinking. But then Day 5 Aronian draws and Svidler comes back with his own important win (#19).

1 Anand Viswanathan 2770 IND pts 3½ SB 8,25
2 Aronian Levon 2830 ARM 3 7,50
3 Kramnik Vladimir 2787 RUS 3 7,50
4 Svidler Peter 2758 RUS 3 6,00
5 Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2757 AZE 2 3,50
6 Topalov Veselin 2785 BUL 2 5,25
7 Karjakin Sergey 2766 RUS 2 4,25
8 Andreikin Dmitry 2709 RUS 1½ 4,25

Hi Anzarkhan

38Canada  dsuttles2014-03-19 16:04:36
Why is the World Chess Chammpionship special, Windmill?

39Canada  dsuttles2014-03-21 17:00:49
Someone tweet FIDE and tell them to stop Svidler hogging the mic after his games. It would at least have been interesting to see what Anand (his opponent, Black) had to say about their game.


Anyway, the old tiger is back with Black tomorrow, against Aronian!

Big game.

40Canada  dsuttles2014-03-23 08:47:41
Aronian - Anand was a highly dramatic draw in 19 moves, with a novelty on move 3 !

rnbqkbnr/pp2pppp/2p5/3p4/2P5/1Q3N2/PP1PPPPP/RNB1KB1R w

1.c4 c6 2.Nf3 d5 3.Qb3

Anand met it with a reversed Benoni (3...d4); Aronian went for a pawn grab (6 Qx6) believing he could \'pull a Petrosian\' (consolidate); but Anand developed fast. While Anand fretted that he didn\'t have sufficient compensation, Aronian realised it wouldn\'t be that easy to pull off his daring raid, and became fearful of another early loss to Anand. Aronian says he saw the innovation \'in a nap\' and \'dreamed\' Anand\'s reply. I am wondering how long before the game Aronian had taken this nap. It all sounds so human.

41Canada  dsuttles2014-03-23 13:25:42
*6 Qxc5

42Canada  dsuttles2014-03-23 14:55:07
Favourite game so far, anyone?

43Canada  dsuttles2014-03-25 18:35:09
Msg from RTC Chat Room user for our Russian members interested in following chess news:

Привет всем! Здесь можно найти кое-что интересное о турнире претендентов в Ханты Мансийске


можно посмотреть комментарии МГ на chesstv

44Canada  dsuttles2014-03-25 19:12:45
2014 World Chess Championship Candidates

Round 10 (of 14)

Karjakin Sergey ½ - ½ Andreikin Dmitry
Kramnik Vladimir 0 – 1 Svidler Peter
Aronian Levon ½ – ½ Topalov Veselin
Anand Viswanathan ½ – ½ Mamedyarov Shakhriyar

So, Anand maintains his 1 point lead:

1 Anand Viswanathan - 6½ pts (SB 31,25)
2 Aronian Levon - 5½ (26,75)
3 Karjakin Sergey - 5 (24,25)
4 Mamedyarov Shakhriyar - 5 (24,75)
5 Svidler Peter - 5 (23,25)
6 Kramnik Vladimir - 4½ (23,00)
7 Andreikin Dmitry - 4½ (22,00)
8 Topalov Veselin - 4 (20,75)

\'The 6.h3 Naidorf Sicilian is all rage now in the FIDE World Candidates Tournament. In round 10 Viswanathan Anand again used the system, this time in the game against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.

\'The game was similar to Anand’s match against Topalov, but this time black was more vigorous to trade the pieces, counter in the center and achieve good play.

\'Anand made a good psychological decision to go for relatively simple position in which Mamedyarov, a gifted tactician, could not create threats with taking excessive risk.

\'At some point white offered moves repetition but black decided to play on. However, on move 30 black changed his mind and offered a draw.\'


And that game:

Anand – Mamedyarov


45Canada  dsuttles2014-03-28 05:00:15
Round 11

Peter Svidler vs Levon Aronian [1/2-1/2]
Veselin Topalov vs Sergey Karjakin [1/2-1/2]
Vladimir Kramnik vs Viswanathan Anand [1/2-1/2]
Dmitry Andreikin vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov[1/2-1/2]

Draws all round, and early showers for all but Topalov and Karjakin. Karjakin insisted on using his time to wring a win out of a drawn position. The normally demure and quiet Viktorija Čmilytė, commenting for FIDE, was surprised that the older Bulgarian was taking seconds on critical decisions, despite a big time advantage. Still, she could not see a way through for Karjakin\'s three passed pawns on the a and h files, until on 51 ... Bc1 she let out an amazed gasp. \'Zugzwang!\'

(\' A player is said to be \"in zugzwang\" when any possible move will worsen his position.\' - wikipedia)

He didn\'t quite make it. Draw agreed. He probably won\'t challenge Carlsen in November, but he wants to.

46Canada  dsuttles2014-03-28 05:57:33
Round 12

Veselin Topalov vs Peter Svidler [1-0]
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Sergey Karjakin[1/2-1/2]
Levon Aronian vs Vladimir Kramnik [1/2-1/2]
Viswanathan Anand vs Dmitry Andreikin [1/2-1/2]

1 Anand Viswanathan - 7½ - 43,75
2 Aronian Levon - 6½ - 37,75
3 Mamedyarov Shakhriyar - 6 - 35,50
4 Karjakin Sergey - 6 - 34,50
5 Svidler Peter - 5½ - 32,00
6 Andreikin Dmitry - 5½ - 33,50
7 Topalov Veselin - 5½ - 33,25
8 Kramnik Vladimir - 5½ - 34,25

Viswanathan Anand stays one point ahead of Levon Aronian with two games to go. Sergey Karjakin and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov are tied for the third place, but of the two, Karjakin is the one with hopes for first place, having White against Anand next game.

Topalov\'s nice win against Svidler’s Taimanov Sicilian >

Rest today.

Round 13 on Saturday 29 March.

47Canada  dsuttles2014-03-30 09:26:35
Round: 13

Historically, with a round still to go, it is all over. Viswanathan Anand, fourth seed, five times champion, number 8 in the world, at forty-four the oldest candidate, who lost his crown in last year\'s final, will meet Carlsen for a rematch in November.

Carlsen came on air during the FIDE commentary. He said second-placed Aronian\'s 8th game 3 Qd3 had been \'a bit much\', and 13... d6 in his active game, as it came up, was \'just weird\'. He didn\'t know if he would have offered the controversial practical draw in Anand\'s better position against Andreikin the day before. Andreikin went on to beat Aronian. Karjakin, the only remaining contender, gave Anand his stiffest challenge of the tournament, but could only draw.

Dmitry Andreikin vs Levon Aronian [1-0]
Sergey Karjakin vs Viswanathan Anand [1/2-1/2]
Peter Svidler vs Shakhriyar Mamedyarov [1/2-1/2]
Vladimir Kramnik vs Veselin Topalov [1-0]

1 Anand Viswanathan - 8 - 50,25
2 Kramnik Vladimir - 6½ - 42,50
3 Andreikin Dmitry - 6½ - 42,50
4=Mamedyarov Shakhriyar - 6½ - 41,25
4=Aronian Levon - 6½ - 41,25
6 Karjakin Sergey - 6½ - 42,00
7 Svidler Peter - 6 - 38,75
8 Topalov Veselin - 5½ - 36,00

Kramnik, in last place, had said he was only thinking of home, but leapfrogged his old foe Topalov, one place above, and is now second. (Should they have shaken hands?) Only one point separates the seven \'runners-up\', with lots of money to play for.

1st place – €95,000
2nd place – €88,000
3rd place – €75,000
4th place – €55,000
5th place – €40,000
6th place – €28,000
7th place – €22,000
8th place – €17,000

48Canada  dsuttles2014-04-19 03:11:49
Well, that was exciting chess.

Round: 14

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Vladimir Kramnik[1/2-1/2]
Veselin Topalov vs Dmitry Andreikin [1/2-1/2]
Levon Aronian vs Sergey Karjakin [0-1]
Viswanathan Anand vs Peter Svidler [1/2-1/2

Final standings

1 Anand Viswanathan 8½
2 Karjakin Sergey 7½
3 Kramnik Vladimir 7
4 Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 7
5 Andreikin Dmitry 7
6 Aronian Levon 6½
7 Svidler Peter 6½
8 Topalov Veselin 6

(Ties decided by head-to-head scores.)

Possibly the highlight? ... @ 2:14:43-2:14:45 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab2trGXekwc&feature=share

Is anything else happening in chess before November?

49Canada  dsuttles2014-04-26 04:26:13
Still in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, the
FIDE Women World Rapid Championship 2014 tie for gold between Lagno and Kosteniuk (10.5/15) was decided yesterday by their single direct encounter:

WWRC 2014
Round 4
Lagno Kateryna (UKR) vs Kosteniuk Alexandra (RUS)
(15 mins + 10 secs)

Interesting game.

The FIDE Women World Blitz Championship 2014 (26-28 April) starts today, same 34 contenders, same venue, 15 Swiss pairings with both colours.

50Canada  dsuttles2014-04-30 20:47:35
World Champion Magnus Carlsen has lost two classical games in a row for the first time since 2010 at Shamkir Chess 2014 in Azerbaijan, but came good in a final round decider.

He complained of feeling unwell after losing the fourth game to twenty-one-year-old Italian Fabiano Caruana, who in June last year also handed him his last defeat in a classical game, and turned in a feeble performance in the fifth against semi-retired Azeri Teimour Radjabov. In the end he triumphed with double wins over Shak Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan) and Hikaru Nakamura, the American No1 (who had talked of beating the world champion), and a dramatic final round win over Caruana (5.5/10).

\'Even when not in good form, I always believe in myself.\'

- Carlsen, this month, talking to Le Monde.


Caruana, Fabiano (2783) vs. Carlsen, Magnus (2881)

Vugar Gashimov Memorial 2014 Shamkir Azerbaijan
Round 4 23 Apr 2014
Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, open variation (ECO: C67) 1-0

The faulty recapture on move 21 costs Black a pawn.

51Canada  dsuttles2014-05-11 06:35:43
The 2014 U.S. Chess Championship & U.S. Women\'s Championship are underway (May 7 - May 20) at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis (CCSCSL).

Only hours before the first move, the United States Senate passed an official resolution naming St. Louis the National Chess Capital. The two events have narrowed fields of 12 and 10 respectively, and for the first time do not include a player over 40. After three rounds, defending women\\\'s champion Irina Krush is top with 2.5/3, but Gata Kamsky has drawn all games, a full point below the leader, Aleksandr Lenderman.

13-year-old Californian Ashritha Eswaran (FIDE Elo 1979) is playing in her first-ever U.S. Women\\\'s Championship and won her first game against WIM Viktoriya Ni with Black (opposite). The untitled hopeful now lies fifth after 3 games, with +2 -1 =0.


52Canada  dsuttles2014-05-17 04:52:43
Kasparov has registered his candidacy for the FIDE presidency, saying, \'No western sponsor will ever be with someone who talks about aliens and visits all the worst dictatorships in the world.\'

Illyumzhinov, in the job 18 years, has missed a deadline to find sponsorship and a venue for the November Carlsen-Anand world title match, and says he may pay for it himself.

53Canada  dsuttles2014-06-22 04:37:01
\'DUBAI: Indian chess ace Viswanathan Anand came up with a thumping victory over reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen but had to settle for the bronze medal in the World Rapid Chess Championship.

The game with Carlsen, who won Gold despite the defeat, was the talking point for thousands of chess buffs on the social media as Anand is set for a re-match with Carlsen in November to determine the next world champion.

Anand, a five-time world champion, had lost the crown to Carlsen last year.\'

- The Times of India


2014 FIDE World Rapid Championship, Dubai

Magnus Carlsen v. Viswanathan Anand
D10 Queen\'s Gambit Declined Slav

54Canada  dsuttles2014-08-02 02:55:03
June 11, one day before the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening game, and after various controversies and changes during the bidding process, FIDE announce Sochi, Russia, will be the venue for the 2014 World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand.

Is it too soon to get excited? Do you have unwelcome guests visiting between 6th and 25th November?

06 November 2014 Thursday Game 1
07 November 2014 Friday Game 2
08 November 2014 Saturday Rest day
09 November 2014 Sunday Game 3
10 November 2014 Monday Game 4
11 November 2014 Tuesday Rest day
12 November 2014 Wednesday Game 5
13 November 2014 Thursday Game 6
14 November 2014 Friday Rest day
15 November 2014 Saturday Game 7
16 November 2014 Sunday Game 8
17 November 2014 Monday Rest day
18 November 2014 Tuesday Game 9
19 November 2014 Wednesday Game 10
20 November 2014 Thursday Rest day
21 November 2014 Friday Game 11
22 November 2014 Saturday Rest day
23 November 2014 Sunday Game 12
24 November 2014 Monday Rest day
25 November 2014 Tuesday Tie-break games

55Canada  dsuttles2014-08-02 06:42:50
Round 1 of the 41st Chess Olympiad will be played today in Tromsø, Norway. 2000 players from 180 countries are taking part.

The 85th FIDE Congress will take part during the event. Member nations will decide the FIDE presidential match between the incumbent president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.


56Canada  dsuttles2014-08-10 07:43:28
“The match will not take place in a country that is under sanctions, in the region where the government is under sanctions, with a lousy prize fund and without any positive publicity,”

- Garry Kasparov, talking to Norwegian newspaper \"Dagbladet\", on the Sochi 2014 World Championship

The world\'s chess federations vote tomorrow inTromsø, Norway, to decide between him and incumbent Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. The campaign has been too dirty to say much else here.

Could this be a game changer?

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