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Player: Philippines  LayZ Style Subject: Chess Trap #15 C66 Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, Tarrasch trap (2)

2014-06-28 03:31:18
7...0-0? Castling, though it looks good, loses. Black must play 7...exd4.

15...Rf8, so that if 16.fxe4 fxe4+ regains the Knight.

But not 19.Nh5 Rf2+ 20.Kd1 Rd8+ 21.Bd2 R8xd2+, and Black wins.

20.Nf4, the Knight is unassailable here.

White has gained a piece.
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1Canada  dsuttles2014-07-13 07:52:41
It would never happen in a real game, would it?

Tarrasch published it in 1891, beat one Georg Marco with it in 1892.

Opposite, the other Tarrasch Trap, Open Variation, which claimed two victims.

2Russian  kai20112014-07-13 15:10:33
I suppose that Georg Marco was upset that he hadn\'t Internet that time.