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Player: Philippines  LayZ Style Subject: Chess Trap #17 C62 Ruy Lopez, old Steinitz defence, Nimzovich attack

2014-07-16 09:48:57
8...g6 is very risky. 8...Be7 is preferable

10...0-0? Natural, but it loses. 10...Qd7 is somewhat better.

No better is 12...h6 13.exf6 hxg5 14.fxg7 winning a piece.

After 15.Ne4, the pinned Knight cannot be defended. Black must lose the exchange with 15...Nxe4 16.Bxd8.

White wins the exchange.
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1India  Pinku_raj2014-09-14 11:14:52
how did i play meddle game end games here tell me

2Canada  dsuttles2014-09-14 12:29:18
You can play a middle game by playing an opening first. If you play a Correspondence Chess game and use the Opening Database (link is on top of the page), you have a good chance of getting through to the start of a middle game.