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Player: Philippines  LayZ Style Subject: Chess Trap #18 C62 Ruy Lopez, old Steinitz defence (7...g6)

2014-07-30 01:05:36
6.Bc4 threatening 7.Ng5

6...h6 is better, but very cramping.

7...g6? The fianchetto development turns out badly because of the weakening of the black squares, a weakness which White immediately exploits. Best is 7...Nxd4 8.Qxd4 Nc6 etc.

9.Nd5 threatens to win with 10.Nxc6, followed by 11.Bxe7.

If 10...Nxd4 11.Nf6+ Kf1 12.Bh6#

Black has been checkmated.
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