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Player: Philippines  LayZ Style Subject: Ruy Lopez Trap #20, Steinitz defence 7. Bxc6 bxc6 8. Qf3 c5 9. Nf5 g6

2014-08-22 20:48:37
9...g6 A weakening move, but it is not easy to see how White will take advantage of it. 9...Bxf5 is much better, although White\'s game remains preferable.

10.Bg5! Threatening to win at once with 11.Nd5.

Of course not 10...Be7; 11.Nxe7 followed by 12.Bxf6 and White wins.

11.e5 with the intention of playing 12.Bxf6, winning the exchange.

On 12...Qxf6 13.Qxa8 wins.

14...Be7; hoping for 15.Bxe7? Qxe7 and White\'s pinned Queen cannot capture the Rook.

White has won the exchange.
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1Canada  dsuttles2014-08-22 21:37:42
\'11.e5 with the intention of playing 12.Bxf6, winning the exchange.\'

- as in this game, Schachinger vs. Frosch
Austria 2006, the difference being that the position is reached through the Philidor Defence, exchange variation (C41