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Player: United  timelord Subject: GOOD / BAD

2006-10-25 10:42:53
predictions indicate that computers will grow as intelligent as humans by 2029,a prophecy known as Singularity.

Will this advance prove to have a benificial or destructive effect on society.

What do you think?
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1United  Ishmael2006-10-25 12:31:40
Where did you find this prediction?
What definition of intelligence is this based on?

While computers already outstrip all but the most exceptional minds in some areas, in others their performance is poor compared to that of the human mind (playing Arimaa, for example).
I don't think computers will ever outperform all minds in all areas, but if they do it could lead to both very bad and very good scenarios.
Ideally computers could be used to perform many jobs freeing up human minds for other pursuits. Over dependence on the technology then might become a problem if this remained the case for too long. Imagine a situation in which a highly-computer-dependent civilization suddenly lost its computers. I think that in this case it is highly likely that it would induce another Dark Age.

2United  timelord2006-10-25 14:18:20
Hello Ishmael
Re :where did i find this prediction.
sources/quotes are vast, suggest you search Google using singularity as a keyword which will provide more detail.

3United  Ishmael2006-10-25 14:24:14
thanks, I'll have a look.-

4United  Ray Duque 32006-10-25 16:13:04
This could happen and when it happens I don't know if this will become good or bad for us. Let's just wait and see what will happen next.

Ray Duque III
New York City

5Singapore  Branz2006-10-26 10:42:50
Well, I disagree. Computers cannot be smarter than the creaters. That's for sure. Those who made these predictions... You can tell them that they might have a 'short circuit' in their mind.-

6United  Ray Duque 32006-10-26 16:59:19
Okay, but let's see what will happen come on that year.

Ray Duque III
New York City

7United  Rose_Woman27832006-10-27 05:01:56
Hmmmmm............... Has anyone seen the Animatrix by any chance? Anyone who has, I think they'll understand my answer when I say "bad."-

8United  sree_rao2006-10-27 06:13:39
Rose, I just read a review of The Animatrix, and it seems pretty interesting.

Has anyone here read Ray Kurzweil's book The Singularity is Near?

I was at the bookstore yesterday and read a couple of pages. He seems to be saying that humans will merge with robots, and in the process become a new species. The upside is that all of humanity's current problems such as poverty, hunger, disease, etc. will be solved.


9United  Jagermeister2006-10-28 02:31:07
lol, yea i've seen "the animatrix" and i see where your going with that...

not sure the computers are always not as smart as teh creator.

i can make a program to play out every checkers game and ALWAYS make the BEST choice by playing out every possibility. I can not do that.

Machines can do 1,000,000's of calculations a second!

when computers become as smart as humans... i would have to say they would be used for warfare, more then they are now... so "bad" is also my choice.

10United  Jagermeister2006-10-28 02:31:07
lol, yea i've seen "the animatrix" and i see where your going with that...

not sure the computers are always not as smart as teh creator.

i can make a program to play out every checkers game and ALWAYS make the BEST choice by playing out every possibility. I can not do that.

Machines can do 1,000,000's of calculations a second!

when computers become as smart as humans... i would have to say they would be used for warfare, more then they are now... so "bad" is also my choice.

11Portugal  viriol2006-10-29 07:48:02
WEll, as anybody read "Nine Tomorrows" by Isaac ┬źdontknowhatov┬╗?

I tell you what: A computer would only be smrter than we if we made him that way, if we don't build them, that way, they can't hurt us!

12Portugal  viriol2006-10-29 07:48:48
Sorry, not "as" but "has".-

13Singapore  Branz2006-10-29 11:47:05
what does this .... animatrix has to do with this topic?-

14United  Ishmael2006-10-29 14:31:57
'ow abaaaat "'as"?

Idontknowhatov = Asimov

15United  jesse2006-10-29 16:51:52
Ironically, the computer is quite dumb. They only perform when instructed. They do have impeccable memory but even that has its flaws. They only understand 1's and 0's. Complex instructions are programmed by a HUMAN. A computer, without specific software, can not do anything. Software, without a computer, is useless. Both are engineered by humans and both can only do what they are allowed to do by their human developers. Abstract thought, compassion and human interaction are not part of a computers capability. Somehow I think the day computers advancement to superior human thought and intelligence is MUCH farther off than 2029.

Besides, haven't you heard, the Mayan Calender stops in 2012 and supposedly a supersized meteor will crash into the earth and causing its destruction in 2012 as well. Therefore, the advancement of computer AI will not progress passed that point anyways.

16United  Ishmael2006-10-30 00:50:18
According to the Wikipedia article on Maya calender there is a Mayan inscription predicting an event at Mayan time (October 13, 4772) so I don't think they believed the world would end in 2012, merely that one cycle would end then.

If computers can begin to learn and augment their own behaviour then I think we will see genuine AI. It may not be the same as human intelligence, but if it can learn then we have the situation where the computer begins to follow its own commands, not those of its programmer.

17United  Rose_Woman27832006-10-31 00:01:15
Branz, Well it's sorta hard to explain unless you've seen the movie. Basically, in it's most simplest forms, one of the chapters of the movie shows that "Man created machine to do all of it's bidding." But one particular robot, who's "name was not forgotten" (I forgot) complained or something. I don't know, and somehow some war broke out between Robots and Humans and the robots won because they were smarter. The message was that "man was the creator of it's own demise." It's very sci-fi, and I hate sci-fi, but it's still a REALLY good movie.-

18United  Rose_Woman27832006-10-31 00:05:43
This Mayan calendar reminds me. I was reading the newspaper, and I saw a comic about the calendar. It was a Mayan guy standing with a chisel by the calendar, and the other Mayan guy asks him, "Why does it only go to 2012?" and the other guy says, "Really, I just ran out of room.", I thought it was funny..... -

19Singapore  Branz2006-10-31 04:13:03
Hmmmm.... your explaination reminds me of the USA film 'i-robots' or something lyk that-

20United  Rose_Woman27832006-11-02 04:51:58

Yeah, I was thinking that too. I never got to see "I-Robot" so I don't know how similar they are.

On a more random note, I would be scared to death, if I had a human sized Robot walking around my house. If it had a similar structure to a human body, and was able to communicate with me, I'd be so scared of it, even if all it did was clean. I don't know why, it's hard to explain...maybe it's the familiarity of a human, with the lack of a human personality and basic eye contact is what scares me. Or that it's unpredictable technology. It's like talking to a corpse. Any opinions on this.

21United  Ishmael2006-11-02 08:34:16
There have been studies that show that as robots go from completely non-humanoid towards a humanoid form people find them more appealing, but when they pass a certain point, becoming very close to human form, people find them quite repulsive.-

22United  Ishmael2006-11-02 09:18:44
This is known as the 'Uncanny Valley'.-

23Singapore  Branz2006-11-02 09:57:28
Well,,,, Thats whats hapeepenin in this i-robots.

Human shaped robots
Highly skilled 'military' fighters
able to communicate
And etc etc....

24United  Rose_Woman27832006-11-05 21:41:30
Or that movie, "Artificial Intelligence", with the kid from "The Sixth Sense." All I know, is that If I were that Mom, I'd be scared of that robot kid... David? Was that his name? Anyway, yeah, in the movie, at first she was scared of him sort of. I just think it's weird.-

25Singapore  Branz2006-11-06 09:05:22
speelin errors in my post

26Australia  deedee122006-11-11 04:45:36
If a computer had the same intelegence as a human...

Now Intelegence is simply the ability to learn, This would mean that computers could learn to program themselves. A computer would become smarter thana human because computers live longer and have more memory, eventually the humans will be taken over by robots and things will be similar to how they are in the "matrix" movies, although there will be no humans. Although this happening is assuming there is no god, which i personaly believe is a false statement. Following the creatonist (i know that is spelt incorrectly) theory, there is no such thing as a computer having intelegence because if it did, we its creators would be gods ourselves which would not happen, and somthing similar to what happened to the tower of babel would happen...

27Singapore  Branz2006-11-11 05:34:22
computers as smart as humans or smarter than humans. That's one of my most feared.-

28United  Rose_Woman27832006-11-11 06:17:11

Really? You don't think it could happen, that eventually, someone could create such a machine? I mean, really all it could take is someone with an idea. I mean, a couple of lots of years ago, who'd a thunk we'd be flying? Someone with an idea. Who'd a thunk we'd be able to walk on the moon? Just another somebody with a 'crazy' idea. I don't know. I think it's probable that it could happen.

29United  Ishmael2006-11-11 06:34:44
I have a friend who believes that he will be able to build computers that, given the rules of a game and left to play each other, will continuously improve their performance.
If this is possible with two computers, then it ought to be possible with a network, so perhaps while each unit might not be described as intelligent the whole could be.
Social insects such as ants are not individually suited to problem solving at a very high level, but collectively they reach goood solutions, e.g. the shortest route to the sugar. It seems probable to me that any computer intelligence will not operate at an individual machine level but will emerge from the interaction of many machines.

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