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Player: Saudi  ANZARBOND Subject: The Thought Of The Day.

2014-10-26 03:03:04
I am starting a new social forums to write Heart talk,Quotes,and whatever in you mind.Please write to see where we go.
1-An unexpected event will mean you\'ll turn up late for an appointment; try to catch up quickly to avoid further delay.
2- Try to overcome your desire for novelty and try to stay by your loved one\'s side as he or she feels a little left out at the moment.
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14India  jaguar1002014-10-26 03:43:10
in times of adversity and change we discover , who we are and ahat we are made of

15Canada  HenriDeToi2014-10-26 16:18:56
I am not looking for the limelight; I\'d rather have it made in the shade

16Greenland  PopeInnocent2014-10-29 16:00:05
A stich in time is worth two in the bush.

17Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-10-30 02:44:44
You\'ll feel tired and disorientated by the excessive amount of work and will try to do the least possible to escape from responsibilities. You\'ll find a solution to a recent quarrel but don\'t let your pride stop you getting immediate clarification.

18Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-10-31 02:53:21

19Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-11-01 04:10:47
You\'ll feel like a change and for some opportunities as you feel dissatisfied and uncertain about the future.

20Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-11-02 02:06:29
A quiet phase. You\'ll be able to clarify disagreements, tensions will be alleviated and you\'ll be able to live joyfully.

21Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-11-02 02:06:55
You won\'t be able to get bored as you\'ll spend time with your loved one and this will be a romantic and intense phase.

22Russian  kai20112014-11-02 12:07:29
It seemed to me that this section of the forum was pretentiously named \"Thought of the day\"?! Hmmm... Set some banal quotes from inferior horoscope. And is that all???

23Canada  HenriDeToi2014-11-02 20:30:33
For once I agree with thr Russian.

24Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-11-03 15:23:31
You\'ll have valid opportunities but you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference.

25Saudi  ANZARBOND2014-11-03 15:23:35
You\'ll have valid opportunities but you may lose these chances through laziness or indifference.

26Russian  kai20112014-11-03 15:34:45
Already sprinkled ashes on my head, tasting the whip, but I feel something is wrong... Yes... You\'re a pharmacist... or admin of here? Your forum is not advertising?

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