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Player: Canada  dsuttles Subject: chess is tennis

2017-08-18 10:56:08
pride or doubt
ball goes out
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1Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-18 11:49:57
And you turn a winner into a loserAnd instead of 15-Love; it's Love-15.

2United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2017-08-19 20:29:25
both games feature unforced errors

3Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-19 20:42:30
The difference is that in tennis, you can't let the brain get in the way- In chess you have to think, and think a lot

4Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-19 21:04:50
He is an interesting article on the subject:

5Canada  dsuttles2017-08-20 08:08:45
I'm not sure, but this seems to say tennis and chess are similar. If you concentrate or focus too much, you lose.

6Canada  dsuttles2017-08-20 08:35:14
So is 'thinking' the be-all-and-end-all in chess? How about mathematics? What's this chap doing?


Your turn


(The audio didn't open, so I read the summary and will listen later.)

7Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-20 20:40:42
Another strange thing: How does one learn to recite these 91 cities one after the other, other than singing them as lyrics in a song like Hank Snow & Johnny Cash

8Canada  dsuttles2017-08-22 14:00:39


9Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-22 17:35:22
- If only I could do trick moves in chess

10United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2017-08-23 16:26:04
You cannot be serious! He clearly touched that piece

11Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-23 17:11:12
But the ball never touched the line; that ball was out

12Canada  dsuttles2017-08-23 22:25:31
Day before yesterday a friend sat on the floor and tried playing chess with his son aged 17 months. The boy flung the pieces all round the room. Why let feelings get in the way?

13United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2017-08-24 11:27:11
sounds like a future GM to me

14Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-24 15:52:54
A budding future racquet breaker

15United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2017-08-25 13:00:47
perhaps both!

16Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-25 13:03:22
Nothing wrong with a little competiveness

17Canada  HenriDeToi2017-08-31 21:22:33
Russia (Azerbaïdjan) has Kasparov. Canada has Shapovalov


18Canada  dsuttles2017-09-04 06:36:12
smell the rubber

19Canada  dsuttles2017-09-09 18:23:01
Unknown: The winner of a correspondence chess tournament is the one who gets the least amount of sleep.

[game page quote]


20Canada  HenriDeToi2017-09-10 20:47:55
I sleep very well. It sure explains a lot of things.

21Canada  dsuttles2017-10-10 13:05:21
*3 but what is 'thinking'?

22Canada  HenriDeToi2017-10-10 13:16:29
Je pense, donc je suis.

23Canada  dsuttles2017-10-11 00:38:32
donc je joue aux échecs?

24Canada  HenriDeToi2017-10-11 00:47:34
Sans trop penser...

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