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Player: Canada  dsuttles Subject: latest ideas from neverherebefore

2017-09-29 20:28:14
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64Canada  dsuttles2018-12-12 14:56:40

65United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2018-12-23 19:37:43
My final post for a while will be my greatest


66Canada  dsuttles2018-12-24 02:21:03
your greatest for a while, more like-

67United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-02-08 22:52:07
CH is now #44 on the list -

68United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-02-08 22:57:22
correction #41-

69United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-02-27 18:33:03
Happy 18th birthday to a competing site -

70France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2019-02-28 14:28:16
it might be time to put unlimited RTC games for FREE MEMBERS until the bugs are fixed-

71United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-03-14 18:40:45
Shame on the U.S. Chess HOF for inducting Susan Polgar -

72United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-03-27 17:09:07
I encourage everyone to purchase a membership asap. Thank you very much -

73Canada  dsuttles2019-04-06 10:09:06
summer's on the way-

74United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-04-21 22:41:14
up to 38 paying members now -

75United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-05-07 15:30:24
down to 36 -

76United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-05-07 18:54:35

77United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-05-19 01:10:05

$1/year =1 active game ...$2 = 4 games etc...

78United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-06-02 21:48:56
Down to 35 paying members -

79United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-06-13 13:18:04
34 -

80United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-06-14 17:48:46
Attention USA players...Rusty King wants more postal rivals. Please exchange info via ty&gl-

81United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-06-15 14:01:16
35 premium members now -

82United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-07-09 23:49:59
Please ignore #80

I have his address if anyone's interested

83United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-07-10 03:29:12
This site is currently #181 on THE LIST-

84United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-07-11 18:10:28
33 premiums-

85United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-09-04 17:59:45
This is a test of the post
spacing system. This is
only a test

86United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-10-15 20:12:07
I am in the RTC area now. Good luck in our game -

87United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-10-15 23:01:36
I have left the RTC area-

88United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-10-19 00:45:11
Isee the chesshere facebook page is advertising play for money-

89United  adminChessHere Moderator2019-10-20 09:13:29
Yes, the game is available for purchase on to play chess for real money (from $1 to $20 ).-

90United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2019-10-24 01:15:42
It is illegal for an American company to do such a thing w/o a special license. But the New is not located in the United States. Therefore, the U.S. laws do not apply to a company located in another country.

I actually think that this could be a fantastic new feature! My only concern is that, in my opinion, playing for real money should only be allowed for speed chess.

The reason I say that is that *I* can catch a computer program being used to play a blitz chess game. But nobody can detect (prove) that a computer program was used in a CC game.

I stand by this and I hope the new owner will go with the option to play for real money only in the RTC area.


91United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-11-03 18:11:09
I have begun a forum topic at Chess Site Alliance"................under general discussion is for players from small chess sites to announce themselves and hopefully battle there (there is a playing area there) ty&gl -

92United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-11-16 07:26:37
Attention All Players! There is now more information on the front page. Please scroll down when ur there to see it all. tyvm -

93United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-11-17 01:35:11
All Players! Please set your challenge preferences and team play preferences asap. tyvm -

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