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Player: Canada dsuttles is online dsuttlesChessHere Moderator Subject: latest ideas from neverherebefore

2017-09-29 20:28:14
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1Canada  HenriDeToi2017-09-29 22:52:51
Getting ideas

2Canada dsuttles is online dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2017-09-30 09:11:56

3United  neverherebefore2018-01-06 02:24:40
New rule idea. You may not move a non-pawn onto your foe's side of the board until all your non-pawns have moved -

4Canada  HenriDeToi2018-01-07 16:38:27
What's the point of playing this game anymore when artificial intelligence can blow the very best humans out of the water -

5United  neverherebefore2018-01-07 17:04:50
Humans can still play humans -

6United  neverherebefore2018-01-16 14:21:24
In Giri-Carlsen today Giri played 1.e4 while Carlsen was adjusting his not-pawns. Therefore I think Carlsen should've been required to move a (specific) knight


7Canada dsuttles is online dsuttlesChessHere Moderator2018-01-18 13:10:56

8Canada  HenriDeToi2018-01-23 02:25:59
This site is haunted.-

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