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Player: International  nivlachesster Subject: Free Firewall protection

2006-11-04 07:16:55
My Subscription To McAfee Security will be over in just a few days. It has been protecting my computer from everything bad in the Internet such as trojans,etc. but i am just wondering if anyone of you know a free Firewall protection that can be downloaded from the net. I can search using google but it is better to hear from you guys. You always answer my questions about chess and other things.
I am also using Free AVG anti-virus and Free AVG anti-spyware which are excellent because they are not only free but you get regular updates(manually). I just not sure where to download a good Firewall protection.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
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1United  Skipslot2006-11-04 11:15:30
I would suggest ZoneAlarm, the free version. Blocks in coming and out going threats and gives your system stealth status on the internet.

AVG has been known to give false positives during its scans of files and the manual updates makes it rather clumsy and tedious.

If you are wanting one of the best anti virus protection programs where it has "automatic" updates, I would suggest Avast. Its one of the top protection programs in the recent tests done and its free:

2International  nivlachesster2006-11-04 11:26:57
Thanks Skipslot for your advice and suggested websites. I would definitely visit them.
This is what I like the most in Chesshere, not only it is a excellent ChessSite but also includes a good chess community and good people who gives advice and suggestions.