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Player: France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters Subject: Fairness

2018-03-31 13:54:46
I think the success behind any chess site is mirrored by the ability to get rid of the bad elements cheaters

Rating manipulation such as this should be acted upon

White: David Gazal (1902)
Black: DavidGa (1689)
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1France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-03-31 13:55:18
White: David Gazal (1902)
Black: DavidGa (1689)

2France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-03-31 13:56:06
White: David Gazal (1902)
Black: DavidGa (1689)

3France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-03-31 13:56:27
and it goes on and on :-)

4France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-03-31 13:58:33
here is the history Abby


5United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2018-03-31 16:26:00
Just wondering. How did you come upon this?

Be nice if there was a fool proof detection system. May all such violators be removed and blocked from this site.

6France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-03-31 16:32:10
i wanted to challenge the player to his fav time control but then saw his historic

7United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2018-03-31 16:34:06
Perhaps members here can be motivated/awarded to find and report such players.

8France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-03-31 16:48:38
ah but only golg member can see the game history

9United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2018-03-31 21:45:42
I think there should be a clear definition of what rating manipulation is.

10United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2018-04-01 00:36:41
I've asked our head administrator to kick him and lock him out! I appreciate you sending the information I needed to check the game.

However, I am now going to check to see if both players are the same person!


11Canada  HenriDeToi2018-04-01 07:31:13
If he's the same person, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed

12France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-04-01 08:13:55
well they share almost the same username and it is the same person on the profil picture :-)

13France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-04-01 08:14:34


14Canada  HenriDeToi2018-04-01 08:45:10
There seems to be a pretty strong case that the dude is playing with himself

15United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-04-01 14:46:23
Hi All! I have confirmed it is the same player and have messaged him with the original request you asked me to do, LerouxJP: to remove one account,the rating of the other, and let him know this is not permissible. I did this BEFORE seeing this forum thread. I wanted to give him a chance to explain first, but when he sees this forum thread, he will probably choose to leave anyway. Thanks for all of your input on this! I will follow up accordingly.

16France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-04-01 15:00:33
I cannot understand how the previous owner let chesshere RTC died the way he did... But i am pretty sure it ll be back may take a while though

17United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2018-04-01 17:55:18
The problem I see from monitoring 24 hrs a day, is that Chesshere lost a ton of members who liked playing blitz because it no longer worked!
Only the members who like the other events like the CC games stayed. Now that we have new owners they have hired a few professional people to help them get the site back up and running smoothly.

HOWEVER, we aren't getting the RTC players we need now. People are going into RTC and waiting 10 min to get an opponent. We can stop that if everyone would contact their friends and use the timetable shown in a post by admin to determine a time to meet to play RTC games. Note this post is a promotional post for you, GM LerouxJP, but it shows the timetables for everyone. They can be used for players to message their friends or even create a day early forum post at what time they will be here to play RTC. In fact, I'll start a Forum right now for people to post in advance to play RTC.

We are pleased to announce that we will have a Grandmaster in the Real Time Chess Play area for 3 hours starting April 8th! He will be accepting challenges from players in Real Time games. Please help spread the word that he will be here on Sundays starting at 16:00 server time, which is translated to: U.S. Times:PST: 9:00 am MST: 10:00 am CST: 11:00 am EST: 12:00 Noon See details in this forum post and feel free to add the time in your area! https://www.chesshere.com/forums_topic.php?id=87170

18United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2018-04-01 18:14:15
Sorry if this is misplaced and or misstated. There is a real time site that also has tactics training. You can pay for playing only,tactics only,(up to a 2 yr membership for either) or 1 year membership with both features. Currently you'd save $9 off the cost of doing both separately.

Honestly I'm not sure what point I'm making or question to ask. Hoping someone can divine
the profundity of my rambling

19United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2018-04-01 21:07:06
I was just answering a question that LerouxJP asked. However, I should have written the times in an easier format on the eyes.

At 16:00 server time, is translated to:

U.S. Times:
PST: 9:00 am
MST: 10:00 am
CST: 11:00 am
EST: 12:00 Noon

20United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-04-01 23:55:37
In keeping with the title of this post "Fairness" I would love, as abbyknot stated, if you ladies and gentlemen would be so kind as to spread the word about RTC working again and the opportunity to play with a Grandmaster on Sundays, rather than suggesting other places to play lol

We have been literally working around the clock since the new owner purchased the website to fix all the things that we were left with. Some excitement about things that have been fixed would be amazing!!! Like sound, RTC, and the special requests that come to me via email

Sure, it may still be a long road ahead of us, but today, after clearning out all the hung tournaments, I finally felt lighter, like I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm so grateful to all of you in there who have stepped up and helped. A united community is one of the most amazing things in the world!

Thanks for everything you do!


-Admin (Constance)

21France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-04-07 11:55:35
Hi guys

please look into this history too


22United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2018-04-18 16:40:24
One possible solution would be prohibiting playing the same opponent more than one game in any calendar month.

23France  LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-04-18 17:14:48
one game is a bit harsh maybe 5 games...

24United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-04-18 19:46:09
Hey Guys!
From now on, as highligted in this post today:


we request that anytime this kind of thing is found, it be reported directly to admin rather than called out in public forum so that we can investigate.

These https://www.chesshere.com/chess-archive/archive-games.php?id=765739&page=0
are all testing by our programmer since he has to play himself to test the bugs that are being reported by players.

He is not a member or a chess player. This is the only way he can try to duplicate issues that are reported.

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a great place to play chess, knowing that anyone breaking the rules will be taken care of for you.. simply let us know via message or email to support@chesshere.com

25United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2019-03-18 02:40:04
Speaking of cheaters please do something about non-premium members having more than 12 concurrent active games. Thank yu very much

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