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Player: United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member Subject: Anyone having problems promotong a pawn to a queen?

2018-05-11 01:45:09
Of course I mean if you have the option to do that.

Twice now, we have have been informed that when a person tries to promote a pawn to a queen that he/she can't do it.

There are two ways this problem might occur. If you are having this problem please post in this forum and tell us:

Are you using a computer or iPhone?
Which browser are you using?

In the past we discovered that sometimes the browser's cache needs to be cleaned. It can contain old data that will show up on the screen when it shouldn't. So clearing your browser's cache may take care of the problem.

If that doesn't work then either post here (for all players to see) or send me a PM with the information above.

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4United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member2018-05-12 03:31:41
I knew I saw this post before! Here it is:

ironhorse1974 Subject: promotion

2018-04-08 01:23:46
i have not seen a post about this..sorry if there is one...have not been able to promote a pawn during a conditional move..maybe i am doing something wrong ?

EPPRChessHere Moderator 2018-04-08 19:34:03
Hi ironhorse1974,

What is the system telling you when you attempt to promote the pawn in a conditional move?

But ironhorse1974 never replied to Eric's question. ironhorse1974, did your problem go away? Did you do something that made it work? Please let the rest of us know what happened?

5United  adminChessHere Moderator2018-05-12 19:53:30
WE have confirmation from a player today that clearing Cache on computer gets all Conditional Moves to work again.

6United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member2018-05-12 20:29:50
Thank you abbyknot! :)