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Player: United  abbyknotChessHere Gold Member Subject: Speed up your computer!

2018-05-12 21:06:29
You will have more fun at this site and others if you know how to maintain your computer!

I've found that when some people say this site is running slow that it can be a problem with their own computer and/or

I'm going to show you some things that will increase your computer power.

Everyone should have a minimum of 4 gigabytes of RAM memory. If you are running any version of Windows and only have 2 gigs of RAM your OS will buffer data to the hard drive. That means it will write the data, store it, and then have to fetch it again from the hard drive. This takes WAY too much precious time!

Anti-virus program:
This is a 'must have' program and I'm sure that 99.9% of you are running one. However, this program can slow your computer down to a craw if you don't know how to optimize it.
I suggest you go into your settings and see what options you have when running the program.
For example: Do you really need to run ALL the options that are the default? I think not. If you want to have a fast response you can turn off 'some' of the features such as 'don't monitor every transmission for Malware. You can always run your malware program later, when you are not playing blitz chess.
I've also discovered that FREE programs of this nature tend to install their own versons of spyware & malware.

Anti-spyware program:
Again, you 'must have' one of these running alongside of your anti-virus program. Your anti-virus program will tell you that it also protects you from malware and spyware - it doesn't!
I recommend d/ling the free version of SuperAntiSpyware from it's main site:
NOTE: Many sites offer this free program, but several of them (if not most of them) add their own spyware!
Yes, if you are going to get it for free, only d/l it from the URL I just gave you.

Anti-malware program:
This will really choke your computer if you allow it to run while you;re out on the Internet. It's ok to have one, but don't allow it to run in the background if you want speed. Always run it when you can go watch a movie.

I can't stress how important it is to keep your computer clean of spyware and malware. 12 years ago it was common to detect 30 of these programs running in the background - all trying to grab the buss at the same time. But today... I fixed one person's computer that had over 800 such programs! His Internet was sooo slow. After cleaning his computer it booted up 3 minutes faster! It also ran much, mush faster on the Internet.

Ok, one last program:
Your Browser!
You need to open your browser and see what kinds of things it is doing to you. You will find that (by default) it is sending all your information to every site you visit! Do you want it to do that? NO! So step through your settings and fine tune it so that it's much faster and not giving out your history to every site. At some point you will have to clean the cache in your browser or it won't work right anymore.

Last (and most important) of all:
Always 'back up your computer'!
I know many of you don't do this, but one day you will turn your computer on and have a 'black (or blue) screen of death'. As soon as you get off this site I want you to back up your computer!

Happy playing!

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