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Player: United abbyknot is online abbyknotChessHere Moderator Subject: Let's start a Premium membership drive!

2018-05-13 02:52:08
The new owners have done some fantastic things to improve this site and a lot more stuff is in the works.

They have paid out thousands of dollars to have programmers re-write out-dated code and give us all new things to have more fun. I think we should show them our appreciation by holding a Membership Drive!

From this date: 5/12/18
Every new or renewing member who signs up for a premium membership will get a bonus from myself. You will be able to send me one of your games for a total analysis where I will explain the following to you:

1) The game analysis in detail
2) Your weaknesses
3) How to improve your play

All my work will be around you and your style of play and will be confidential. Besides giving you a complete analysis of one of your games, I will pull up some of your other games to see what you may be doing wrong in your games and make personal recommendations to you.

Don't be mislead by my rating here.
I was rated 2150 USCF 30 years ago.
I gave simuls all the time - my best was playing 72 college players at one time and winning 70 games, drawing 2 !
The college paid me $200 and I told them, "Give it to the chess club".

Back in 1988 I was the Games Editor for two chess magazines. I moved on and in 1997 became the editor of Michigan Chess magazine for 4 years. Then I moved on and was paid by Chess Life as a free lance writer!
I won the Senior State Michigan Championship in 2002.

So I hope you will take advantage of this offer. It's a great way to show our appreciation for the hard work done by the new owners.
And it's ONLY $ 4 /month!

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1France LerouxJP is online LerouxJPGrandMaster awarded to world-class chess masters2018-05-13 06:03:02
nice offer abbyknot -

2United abbyknot is online abbyknotChessHere Moderator2018-05-14 18:02:21
Thank you GM LerouxJP.
I like this site and we all know that it costs a lot of money for renting high speed servers to make this site available.

If we all pitch in a few dollars we can keep this site available to us. If members don't want to support this site it would eventually go down. None of us want that!

So please join me in the Premium membership drive. By doing so you will be helping yourself. :-)




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