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Player: Iceland  delivrance Subject: Nuclear Monkey Team Forum

2018-08-26 04:57:37
Hi guys thought it would be a good idea to have this forum, you can use it for example to let me know your max games preference and if you need more games
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1Canada  dsuttles2018-08-27 14:35:45

2United  Shaina 32s2018-09-01 11:03:51
This is Alan (shaina is my GSD). I can plan 4 new games, 3-4 days per move, 1650-1900 limit.

3Iceland  delivrance2018-09-01 18:53:19
thank you alan

4United  molehill612018-09-20 21:14:56
I'm taking a break from team competition right now. I will let you know when I will be ready to start again. Thank you for your consideration.

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