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Player: United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator Subject: The Sicilian Najdorf with ....e5 is making a comeback!

2018-09-16 22:10:40
As a tutor for over 20 years I always advised against this varitation... but it is making a comback in top chess!

[Event "36th World Junior Girls"]
[Site "Manavgat TUR"]
[Date "2018.09.05"]
[Round "1.1"]
[White "Malatsilava, Volha"]
[Black "Tsolakidou, Stavroula"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B94"]
[WhiteElo "2040"]
[BlackElo "2393"]
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1United  abbyknotChessHere Moderator2018-09-19 01:59:18
The latest analysis of the Najdorf Sicilian with ...e5!? has gained in popularity amongst strong players.

I used to tell my students to avoid this line because of the permanent backward d-pawn that Black receives. However, stronger players from IM's to GM's have shown that Black receives compensation and rapid development with this line.

Here is just one sample showing that Black can not be 'busted' out of the opening and achieves a good position. Black's last move has mayb ways to recapture - he can even recapture with the rook if he chooses.